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My Experience at Higley Unified School District has been amazing. I am currently a freshmen at Higley High School were I have met a lot of new people that are nice to me and show me support in what I do. I came to the district in sixth grade and it was my first time moving to a new school so i was scared because i didn't know any one but within the first week of attending that new school i already had friends that i still know and talk to this very day. At this school district I have seen only very little bullying were at my past school kids would get picked on a lot. Over the past three years I have been attending this school district it has treated me very well and I think it at least deserves 4 stars.
It has a variety of fun classes and academics. Wish there were more. But most of the teachers are excellent and the school is taken care of pretty well.
The Higley Unified School District is not a terrible district but it is definitely not the best. The elementary and middle schools are very good and show that they care about their students but the high schools in the district are two schools that I would not recommend to any one. At Williams Field High School the bigger school of the two, does not care about the students at all it seems like the students run the school and if you aren't in a sport you are nobody there. At Higey High School the administration is way too strict they will try and get the students in to trouble for anything they can and the administration is not respectable at all they do not dress professional and do not show the respect to students that they expect the students to show them.
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I would overall improve on some of the teachers, but the facility and administration is amazing. A lot of unknown things also happen that teachers and parents should be aware of. Another big problem when I was in High School was the bathrooms. Students like to vandalize the stalls with not so positive things and a lot of adults do not even realize it.
I enjoy going to school and being able to be involved in hands on activities. The teachers apply both physical and visual learning for all kids to better understand.
HUSD and Higley high school (HHS) are great places, with a clean,expansive campus, but it has some issues with it. To start off, the counseling department is not very proactive in the success of students, often being unavailable and unaccommodating to their needs. Though, the EVIT students are often neglected, having constant scheduling conflicts. The teachers in this district however, are extremely exceptional, preparing well crafted material in the classroom, setting students up for success in real-world applications.
It was a well District but could have focused more on finding better teachers who know what they're teaching and who want to be there.
Higley Unified School district is an overall A rated district. This is because there are so many different ways to learn different things and HUSD supports every one of them.
I enjoy the diversity and inclusiveness between all of the students and staff. At each of the schools in the Higley Unified School District you feel like you are part of the community and feel a family like connection between the students, parents, and teachers.
I liked the two week breaks. I do not like being a senior and made to stay on campus all year when I play Baseball in the spring only.
Higley Unified School District has its ups and downs, they have amazing hard working staff which helps outweigh most the negatives. The district may seem a slight bit disorganized and Principals of schools seem to change quite frequently, but other than that it is a great district.
While attending Higley High School for four years I was brought with such distress. I hoped that while attending this school I would be introduce to new beginnings and knowledge to help guide my way through life. Although that was all masked with the discrimination not only my classmates, but myself, have faced. With the results of the recent Presidential Elections i have never felt more lost at a school. I have always been proud of my Hispanic roots, i do my best to embrace them everyday as they are what make me who i am. I have expressed my concern to teachers as well as administration and have seen no change. I've heard nothing but "they did not call you a racial slur, therefore we cannot do anything" and "the teacher will handle it". I hope that this review will go beyond a scholarship application process. If change is not seen the hopes of colored students will be buried away along with this review.
Admin needs to change, they will take teachers of a certain subject and place them in a different one, without having a degree.
I've been in the Higley School District since 7th grade. I like the teachers and the support system to succeed in class.
Overall I have enjoyed my experience at Williams Field High School. This summer they made some structual improvements to the campus so it looks really nice. I transferred from a smaller high school in Utah. There were just over 100 students in my class. Everybody knew everybody else and it was easier to be involved with clubs and join teams. Williams Field is just so big. Some times I feel lost and not important. I do really like some of the teachers. I have actually gained an interest in history because of the way my history teacher puts his lessons together. I would recommend Williams Field High to other students.
I liked the new people I met and all the extra curricular clubs they offer. I enjoy attending the football games because they are super hyped ad exciting. I enjoy feeling like a part of a family being in a school orchestra. All the people there make you feel welcome when you first walk in as a freshman and give you a proper goodbye as you are leaving the "blackhawk nest." The teachers are great because they have so many opportunities of helping with tutoring, and our counselors there are really amazing with helping the students progress and move on towards their college path.
While many have said Higley isnt't a good district, I believe the past 9 years I spent with them, there wasn't any serious issues. Higley admin is there to help you along the way, as long as you are willing to put in the effort as well.
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I liked the teaching staff in this school district, all the teachers put in so much effort to help make sure the student would succeed. The one thing i would change is the after school activities, we didn't have enough going on which made me less involved with the school.
I've experienced the schools inability to hire more teachers and would have to rely on other teachers, who do not understand the lessons being taught to the students and are forced to work extra hours with little pay. The schools old and is in need of slight repairs but the classrooms are decently clean as well as the food.
I liked how some extra curricular activities were encouraged, but not all were. I like how I was given the opportunity to be creative in some academic classes, but again, not all of them.
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