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i liked this district but i feel that they dont hear us enough, just like when they made one of their schools bigger
I've been attending the Highline School District for 12 years and been to 5 different schools in the same district. Highline has been growing community wise and cultural. Schools are now adding cultural clubs and any other club that us students need for success in classes and personal needs. Highline lets parents know every single detail of what activity's are going on or clubs, for them to have them involved with their children, k-12. counselors do push students academic wise, they are on top of their students and are open to know what the child needs to be safe at school.
I like the environment inside of my school but struggle to find ways to completing all the necessary things needed to graduate.
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I was in Highline School District for kindergarten through high school. I had goo and bad experiences with teachers through out the years with their teaching skills and ability to get help and get the material out in a way that actually was understanding.
Pacific Elementary is a great school with caring teachers and staff..I was really impressed with the experience my kindergarten had this year. We are really looking forward to school starting again!
Highline School district is a good place for children to learn. There are many possibilities for students to learn and grow. There have been problems in the past.
The Highline school district's best feature is the amount of opportunities that they offer. For high school specifically, there's a lot of alternative options that other districts don't have, such as an Aviation school, and multiple "choice" schools.
I have learned a lot over the years at Highline Highschool and I am proud to say I am only here because of the people who provided their strength upon me and believed in me to make amends with my problems and overcome them with sheer will. If it wasn't for the motivating teachers and advisors, I fear I wouldn't be where I am today.
I enjoyed the amount of diversity at school and was able to learn more about personal struggles and cultures that each person had experienced in their life. Knowing all these stories, I'd hope the schools would be able to obtain more funding in order to provide more materials for the students. There are several students that I've seen with immeasurable potential, but the school may lack the resources in order for them to maximize their learning. Several teachers demonstrate genuine care for students which for the most part creates a positive atmosphere.
Highline school district is a great enviorment. They focus on student involvement and make sure everyone gets what they need to graduate and succeed beyond their highschool career.
some staff are above and beyond but are often hindered by unhelpful administrators. Staff consistently try to help and offer resources, but enforced lesson plans, assemblies, etc. get in the way. Administration consistently tries to change policy to improve statistics and do not listen to concerned parents and students.
Highline School district contains a very diverse atmosphere and is very inclusive of a variety of cultures. The sports could use some more support and the facilities could be better. They need to do a better job at encouraging kids to play sports and getting quality coaches.The people are very friendly and the administration is organized, approachable, and strong. They also offer many different opportunities and have great outside connections. For instance, they offer running start through Highline Community College which helps kids get a jumpstart on their college education for free.
I like the range of clubs and classes, but the administration is a whole other issue. The old principal tried to run it like a middle school (ie. have students talk out their problems and apologize to each other). The building is also problem, as the water is questionable, it’s filled with mold, the tiles are falling apart. At least they’re rebuilding it soon.
I like about my high school districts that they are love outdoor experiences and they love to love to help kid growth. Also, I don't like that the food are really bad just cheese burger almost everyday.
What I like about this school is it's easy to settle in. It's one of the best places in culture diversity. Teachers are so encouraging and those assignments are helpful. However, the chair is not comfortable to sit.
I feel like this school district is essentially what you make of it. I've had some great teachers and bad ones of the overall district is simply adequate. Depending on how much effort you put into school, the experience can be great, or poor.
Prepares you for college and very good teachers that help day 1 when you are a freshmen, mentors who are in the field of study you would like to go into and meeting each quarter
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I went to Highline Community College. My overall experience was pretty average. Getting a good professor that offers a descent amount or any extra credit it a hit or miss. Taking to the administration department is a waste of time; I ended up having to figure things out on my own like figuring out what classes I needed to take and what steps I need to take for applying to transfer to a four year university.
I like that everyone is involved. I would like to see everything seem less sketchy. They do good at protecting the children from danger, but everything seems like there is something not good going on.
I liked the outreach for students to participate in scholarships, that was pretty great, and helpful. Especially when a new senior enters the most challenging part of their lives, it’s nice to know there is a place to get help. My challenges are mainly the curriculum of the classes is generally not helpful, and/or hindering to my success as a student. The lack of freedom teachers get when they teach creates a monotonous, boring atmosphere that really isn't their fault rather, the districts rules. I would like to see a way for the district to be more lenient with how teachers setup, and teach the curriculum, I think this would be very beneficial towards moral, and boost creativity, and positivity.
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