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I like that my kids teachers care about him and his success! I like that they communicate openly about what is working and what we may need to change. They are very helpful and use the Remind app to keep me informed about homework assignments and other important things going on. They update the grades in PowerSchool often.
Throughout my years within the Highlands School District I have always had a positive experience. I have had many opportunities that have been offered to me to help strengthen, not only my academics, but myself as a person as well. I have had the privilege to be apart of 7 musicals, 5 marching band seasons as either an instrumentalist or the drum major, National Honor Society, the Gifted and Talented Education program, and even great exposure to the AFS exchange program. One thing I have absolutely loved about Highlands is their acceptance of all students--including the exchange students. I have had the opportunity to be a host family for 3 students while at Highlands, and they also support the arts programs. Highlands also offers a wide variety of Advance Placement and College in High School classes, many of which I have had the opportunity to take and receive credit through 4 colleges. If I had to change one thing about Highlands, I'd change the quality of the school lunches.
Many adults don't care to actually carry out their duties as instructed. They choose to ignore issues in hopes they will resolve on their own, which rarely can happen. Also, repeated offenders (when referring to student body)usually get ignored instead of being dealt with and the good kid that makes a long move once is pointed out. not real happy with this district.
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Highlands high school is a school that tries to to the right thing. Due to a lack of funding and school morale, we don’t have the best test scores/grades even though the majority of the school district tries. One of the major positives is the music department, which is a major plus for the school, which is the way we get involved in the community. There is a lot of good that goes on, but there is always room for improvement.
No one seems to care about the academics. They do not prepare you for the real world or college. They just want their standardized test scores to be good so they can get money.
I loved playing high school sports!! Becoming the best I can be in the classroom as well as on the football field and basketball court. Making memories with long time friends and my team brothers as we work as a team to make playoffs as states. One thing I would change is all the drama that happens in high school. Way too stressful !
Highlands gave me an over all average high school experience. The harder classes that were offered helped me slightly prepare for my college experience. It wasn’t the worst four years but the atmosphere could be improved.
I've attended Highlands School District since I was in Kindergarten, and as a senior this year, I can say that I have always had positive experiences at Highlands. I have never had major problems regarding any of the surveyed categories. I feel safe despite a lack of staff-and-security-control over hallway rowdiness, and I know that the middle school also struggles with this problem to date. I would say that discipline is my biggest complaint about Highlands School District, as kids tend to slide by, treating teachers and staff with disrespect in the hallways and classrooms, especially in the cafeteria during lunch periods. Tardiness to class and school in general is also a major problem in the high school. Overall, I've enjoyed my time at Highlands and my entire high school experience. Highlands provides a decent array of athletics and their music department is reputable, with plenty of instrumentally and vocally related ensembles for students to take part in.
I have enjoyed getting my education at Highlands because the teachers are supportive and encouraging. I feel safe in my school and it's always clean. The only thing I would change would be how the other students disrespect the school property and teachers at times.
Being a student at college now Highlands High School and Highlands school district have taught me unbelievable amounts of knowledge I didn't even think I knew. Throughout elementary school learning how to treat others and going all the way from middle school to high school, Highlands was able to give me one of the best experiences I will never forget. Most students will say how school didn't prepare them for what college has to offer, but if you look upon yourself to see what you are really learning from school, that is when you will understand what you were taught. The teaching staff at the school district is amazing. They are always challenging students and pushing them harder than what they think is possible. That is a big key in college to push yourself past your limits. Also, the atmosphere of the school district is one like no other... there is so much dedication and tradition to pass on to students for years to come. If I could I would go back and do it all over again.
I like all of the people I met, Its not really a school that has to much going on in it but the community is very supportive.
I go to St. Joseph High School, but live in another district. I decided to review this one because it's where I attend my school. Saint Joes has been good to me but I always am a bit skeptical about how ready I will be for college. We take many college in high school courses and those offer a great range of variety in the curriculum.
I went to highlands since elementary school and it's much different from any other high school. It can be a good school in some departments but in others the teachers don't teach. I sit in class get my work done and sit there and do nothing the rest of the day. The sports are more involved than the education.
Most of the teachers are understanding and supportive, and while every school has their problems, Highlands is a generally safe place with few actual threats. Most people leave other people alone unless of course you're friends. I've seen my share of fights, and I also think the education could be changed a bit in terms of what is taught, but it's a generally good school.
I enjoyed my teachers because they always had a smile on their face and were always willing to help you no matter how many questions you would ask.
At Highlands, a lot of bad happened, but a lot of good happened as well. Like any other, the good was not talked about as much as the bad. While I was not a part of the bad things that often happened, I am proud to be an alum of the good things that did. I was actively involved in extracurriculars that were focused on helping the community and I think that made all the difference. I think it would be a much more positive environment if everyone had that attitude, but you cannot force ideals upon others. Those in charge of the student body apparently believed that too because more often than not, the bad was not punished. However, administration there has changed since I have graduated, so I cannot speak for the current state of the school. And as with everything else, you will only get out of the experience what you put in. If you put in the extra effort then reward and knowledge you will gain. Seek and you shall find.
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