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Highlands County Schools Reviews

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It is a great school district all of our schools get along and we have great school spirit. Our sports teams are amazing and going to games is so much fun. We have many clubs and activities that students love. The teachers are very helpful and always have close relationships with there students, we can trust them. Highlands County schools and great places for young students to attend.
I have gone to highlands county schools my whole life. They have tought me how to be a good and ready student. Highlands county schools are a very good school system.
Moving to Highlands county has been great! The administration at APHS really cares about their students and teachers. The school board has been very kind and proactive with their schools and students.
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I love the students and the friends that I’ve made at my school, but there is definitely a lack of great teachers. Hopefully with our new principal that changes, but besides that, our school is good!
I am from Sebring high school which is a great school some nice teachers but to tell you the truth they need some good teachers to teach.
I've been in Highlands County schools since kindergarten, and I just feel like there could be a lot of improvement. A handful of all the teachers I've had through the years were actually really good, but the majority are lacking enthusiasm in their teaching and overall care for the students.
Small enough to know everyone. We have very low crime or violence in school. Teachers are always helpful.
What I like about highlands county schools is that our guidance counselors and our teachers are always there to help up with any of our problems.
I love the dedication of the Highlands County schools. A vast majority of the teachers in my county are extremely dedicated to their students and make sure that we stay on the right path on our way to college. Something that I would like to see changed would be the rules of the school. I understand most rules are put in place to keep up safe but some of them just seem way too strict.
Highlands County Schools are amazing. I have come to a point where my teachers are there beside me and not hovering over me trying to find any excuse to fail me. My teachers feel like my friends, but on a professional level of course. Most of my memories of school are positive and I will never forget them. I know I am supposed to say something that I would like to see improve, but I cannot seem to find anything. The campuses are amazing, easy to navigate, and up to date. Staff and students all do their part and if not, each situation is handled in a professional manner. I am very blessed to be apart of the Highlands County School alumni and I can say with absolute certainty, that I will return frequently after I graduate next year in May.
It’s ok because we have some good teachers but some of the subtitutes are horrible but overall we have some great teacher and a great school
I love how highlands county is a small environment and the school board really wants to know what going on in our lives. The only thing I would change is the way we test. So that we aren't doing a different state or county test each week.
Throughout my elementary, middle, and high school years, i attended highlands county schools. I honestly felt comfortable at the schools and i always knew i had a lot of guidance and help from administrative. I am a proud alumni of Sebring High School and i believe highlands county schools want the best for you.
While some aspects of the Highlands County schools were excellent, such as the parent involvement and the implementation of "college coaches" in high schools, one could notice that all of the schools benefits were only directed towards the parents. The staff were not attentive towards the students needs and teachers only cared about the quality of education in honors classes.
In my experience I have been going to Highlands County Schools most likely my whole, starting with Lake Placid Elementary, Lake Placid Middle, and now entering and leaving Lake Placid High School. Highlands County Schools are unique and are a small community and we all are close to one another and everyone knows each other.
The schools unfortunately don care to much about your education if you do not care. you get out of the school what you put into it. if you slack off and do not do your work than the teachers wont put much effort to help you.
The things I loved about the Highlands County Schools were the different teachers who would take the time to help you understand the problem areas for your learning. Athletics was a big part of my life and my coaches were phenomenal! Everyone at my school always had a smiling face and greeted me everyday which just made me want to come to school and be excited about it!
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Highlands County has good schools but there is definitely room to grow. The schools don't offer a wide range of classes, and many high schools only offer Spanish as a foreign language. However, Dual Enrollment classes are offered through the state college and in my opinion they are awesome! I took dual enrollment classes and I'm so thankful I did. Many of the schools have argue FFA programs and even offer veterinary classes. Overall I give highlands county schools three stars.
I like everything about the district and county. School system is well organized and has amazing potential for all students.
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