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Although Highland is a smaller school, it gives the best opportunity to make memories and prepare for college. Beginning with the extracurricular activities I was able to play volleyball, tennis, be a part of DECA, and annual. As for college I was able to take college courses and get both high school and college credits.
What I liked about Highland High School it’s a small school for students who want to be able to be close with their teachers and know everyone in school
i love that everyone is so accepting and i will just like to see a little more school spirit in our school! Go Scots!
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What I enjoyed about Highland High School was that everyone was connected with each other. Highland is a small school and therefore it created this atmosphere that students and staff members had to get along with each other. Everyone had friends whether it was within their grade, above or below. It is peaceful majority of the days and when it was not it is because the school is having an assembly, running an event, or hosting a sport event. I would remember the times when a new student would come and just like that. The student would feel safe at highland and have friends, after all the school is full of wonderful people and a simple/peaceful school.
My experience at Highland High School started off on a rocky path. My grades as a Freshman and Sophomore were not as good as they could be. As my Junior year started some people came into my life and turned me around. One time specifically, one of my English teachers and I were talking about my grade and her class, which was around a C. She stopped me and asked me "why do you have a C in my class, you're a genius." It was this experience that made me choose to pick my life up and get it together. I am forever grateful for this teacher .
It is very different and you get to get one on one time while at bigger schools you rarely do and also the resources and counselor provide very hood advice on how you can make a good college plan.
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