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Highland Park School District Reviews

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Highland Park High School is a very good school because there is something for everyone there. I didn’t give the school five stars because no school is perfect, but they at least try their best. Highland Park is a small town that often gets over looked but the different achievements from the high school are what bring us the spotlight. Some of the schools many achievements come from DECA, Model UN and the sports programs. There is never a dull moment in Highland Park High School and I think that’s why so many people appreciate it.
My experience was really funny and it was eye opening to me Of how the school culture is so different than my old schools in New York. There a self of home welcome and many people on your side to you, get better and help you get there every step of the away.
Highland Park is a small town with a relatively simple school system. While some of the teachers in the High School aren't the greatest, academic integrity is mostly maintained and the premises are kept clean.
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The teachers are great people and there are a lot of clubs in the school. It is easy to get involved, but difficult to involve others. Some subjects require more self-studying than others.
Highland Park's school district consists of a very high intellect, ranging from the majority of teachers to the majority of students. While there may be a lack of variance of class options, the classes offered are very challenging and consist of a healthy learning environment where teachers spent extra time before and after school in support of the students. The emphasis on education weighs so important that often the athletics becomes an afterthought. Most of the sports games at Highland Park High School find themselves unattended. For a small school, Highland Park maximizes its resources. In order to build a support system for students who cannot afford supplies, HPHS offers Chromebooks to all students for free, so that they will not have an academic handicap. Highland Park's educational department is both creative and thoughtful, and very different from most school districts, even the neighboring ones.
Highland park school has been a home for me and my siblings for the past 4 years. Welcoming us with open arms when we first arrived here even though we barely knew English. Highland park school is a friendly school with lots of helpful friendly students and faculty.
Incredible school with fantastic teachers. Extremely diverse, large assortment of clubs and after school activities. A very engaged community, with a wide array of natural support systems, caring faculty, and progressive teaching methods. The superintendent is very very smart and interactive. My wife and I love this school district and community. A+
After taking on AP classes during my junior and senior classes, I realized how these classes are not as difficult they sound. Most of these classes like AP Spanish and AP Lit are focused on your time commitment and dedication. If you believe that you cannot handle these classes, then stay in the honors classes because once you start failing, it will be difficult for you to get back on your feet. Overall, the teachers here are very nice and they are willing to listen to any of your concerns, but remember...keep on trying!
If I could describe my school in one word it would be diversity. There were many opportunities found such as different clubs as well as many different people. Everyone had strong opinions and voices to be heard and although we were a small school our impact was big.
Overall nice district. They have lots of clubs to be involved in. The high school is very large to accommodate to the students.
Highland Park is a wonderful school with a welcoming community. The teachers are friendly, although sometimes incompetent, and I've had a blast being here. Although they are making some budget cuts I strongly disagree with, my heart will always be one with the owls.
My experience at Highland Park High School was different than most of my peers. In elementary school I attended a private school in Gladstone New Jersey. This school was founded by my parents who believed in holistic education. This means that students find meaningful connection through their own interests. I moved to Highland Park in sixth grade and my parents homeschooled me until ninth grade. In ninth grade I attended high school. Coming from an educational background without standardized tests was very difficult. I was not used to the workload and often felt behind. There was not anyone who could relate and very few teachers had sympathy. I would say my experience at Highland Park High School was very average. I often had little to no help from my teachers and peers in adjusting to the public school system. However, I think this contributed to my independence and prepared me for being away from home in college and I am excited to start this new chapter in my life.
The Highland Park School district definitely had its positives. There were some amazing teachers and faculty, and it generally felt like an accepting space. However, there was a fair amount of self segregation within the middle and high schools. So while, on paper the school was a diverse place, in practice there wasn't a great deal of interaction between people of different races. This fact was exacerbated by the fact that the race demographics in Honors and AP courses were skewed towards the white and asian populations. That said, it has improved in recent years and there does not seem to be as much of a divide now as there once was.
Way too small, underfunded. Not enough students to hire quality teachers or offer good classes. Does not prepare students for college at all.
Highland Park high school is a very welcoming place in which everyone feels accepted and empowered. Students are not afraid to speak and state their opinion. Kids are very intelligent an accepting of others. Teachers are great and are always available yo help students. Kids feel safe at school and enjoy attending Highland Park High school.
The public high school administration takes a really long time to get any paperwork students need to said students.
I go to this school currently and it is a pretty nice school it's very diverse the teachers to an excellent job over here the students do well on test scores, most of them go to college after they graduate
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The school is located very close to the residential locality and the community library. My brother who goes to high school there has taken some really cool classes like ceramics and coding. He also like likes the diversity here.
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