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Highland Park Independent School District Reviews

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I like the academics here and the education I’m getting. However, I don’t like the social aspect and it is really hard to make friends. Also, there is a lot of pressure to only worry about your GPA which can be very stressful.
I loved being a student at HPHS because of the cool opportunities I was given. I was involved in so much and being involved in a lot was what the teachers wanted.
Highland Park is a good place to live, but unless your family has lived here for 2 generations good luck fitting in. I moved here in 6th grade and had a very hard time making new friends. A lot of people here are nice on the surface but don't really want to hang out with you unless you're like them. But I've had few incidents with people being outright rude so I guess that's good
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highland park gives an incredible education and totally sets you up for success. how much you succeed depends on how hard you’re willing to work for what you want. the teachers are hit or miss (some are great, some are astonishingly terrible), and the students are mostly pretty cool as well (as long as you abide by tradition). the main problem i have with HP is that most everyone is a carbon copy of each other.
The staff and academics are amazing, and as a participant in several school activities I can say that there is ample opportunity to be involved in the school community, however, the administration lacks a strong grip on student discipline, and parents easily sway decisions in their own favor.
Highland Park offers excellent education to all its students. They offer a great number of AP classes which helped me a lot in college and saving me a lot of time and money. Great institution with great leadership. What I didn't like was the lack of diversity (which can't really be changed lest more diverse people move into the district), and the lack of good Sex-Ed. I understand Texas is not the most liberal when it comes to sex education but I didn't think the Health class I took and the Aim For Success program were all that good when it should have been teaching more of the safety issues, and ways to prevent them, if students are to engage in sex.
Although the high school has very good academics, the elementary schools, and, to a certain extent, the middle school, have very poor academics. The elementary schools don't teach you anything and the middle school doesn't prepare you for the rigorous academics of the high school.
While very few people are actually mean or rude. Many people are fake and exclusive. I know a lot of people will disagree with that statement, those are the people who are included.
Highland Park High School is one of the few schools that feels and treats you like a private school while still public. We are EXTREMELY inclusive and although we love sports, all activities are greatly acknowledged and allreciated by all. Teacher typically try to work with you and it's very easy to find a place where you fit in!
Similar to prep school environment. Strong academics. Great sports training and athletic opportunities
really nice school district prepared in college readiness. nice and updated facilities with a strong school spirit. very competitive and district has reputation for upholding high standards
Ive been a student at HPHS since middle school and have never been so blessed to attend such a great school. Staff and administrators were very kind!
Id like to see more money put toward a nicer school and facilities. The school is quite old and something is broken or has a leak at least once a week. Almost every other week we have to evacuate the school because of the faulty firebox. The administration does a poor job keeping drugs out of the school as many are prone to smoke and vape in the bathroom.
A district where going to college is expected. The district excels in all extracurricular sports and music. The football team was the 2016-2017 State Champions. 6 girls soccer State Champions. The Female Tennis team is undefeated in match play for over a decade, producing several individual State Champions as well as 7 straight team Titles.
The teachers are there for you at highland park. The school is competitive, so the students are striving to be the best they can academically and athletically.
Highland Park High School challenges students to succeed. This is a school district where from a young age, excellence is expected in academics and extracurriculars. I enjoyed attending there, and felt very prepared for college. English and history departments are much better than the math department.
The parent support and involvement is of the highest I've ever seen. The faculty are supported by students with good work ethics because of the parents. The culture of success if a benefit to the school.
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We need to have teachers who care more about whether the students learn or not. It is frustrating to be trying really hard in a class and the teacher doesn't care whether you know the information or not even if you show that you've devoted yourself to the class. We do have a couple of awesome teachers who do care about teaching but they are far and few between. Sports is a big deal here as well which is annoying for people who aren't in love with sports.
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