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Highland Local School District (Sparta) Reviews

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Highland Local Schools has provided life long friendships and plenty of opportunities to get involved in the school, from picking student section themes, making the yearbook, being a teacher's assistant in free periods to offering community service hours through student council and OSA. Highland has great staff that is willing to do whatever to make sure a student achieves goals that are set and graduate. Everyone at the school has Scot pride.
Nice campus, newer buildings, close staff and community. Small town with a larger school feel. Love all schools are one campus.
My experience in the district has been absolutely amazing! The school has helped me become the well rounded, confident and contributing person I believe I am. The sports community is so supportive of the teams which drives the district to be very competitive in all sports. The staff is so friendly and personal in a way that makes you comfortable with going to them with any need. An amazing community to say the least!
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I had a great overall experience at Highland. I feel like I am a more developed and well rounded person since the beginning of my high school career. One thing I would like to see change is more hands on learning, rather than more digital and computer based. In conclusion, I am very happy with my experience at Highland
More STEM programs! Loved the robotics program and The NJROTC program they have. Wish they had helped prepare me for my ACT more. Wonderful staff, and a great feeling when walking through the doors.
Highland is a great school they helped me get to many of my goals and dreams. But some things like sports are kinda iffy. You feel as if, if your name isn’t a big name In the community, you won’t play as much.
With being a part of this school for the past 13 years I have learned to love the school, faults and all. With this being said their are a lot of faults in this school. From the way they discipline students from the very obvious favoritism of select students. I have been a part of many of clubs, activities, and sports affiliated with the school, which I have meet some of my best friends from. The school does a very good job of including sports into the school. With this being said it was a great place to grow up in and I wouldn't change it for the world.
Highland High School is a decent school but it suffers from a few downsides. The teachers sometimes don't seem to care much about their jobs, there is a bit of a bullying problem there, and the school food is pretty lackluster.
Smaller sized classes, caring teachers, family like atmosphere
Everyone knows every one and all the teachers are willing to work one on one with you.
Highland is your typical small town school. The people are close minded, and a decent amount not very smart, honestly. About one third of the teachers are caring when it comes to preparation, but I can think of four off the top of my head I'm not sure how they have a job. They do, however, offer many options for free college credit for a small district.
There are many opportunities in this small town school. The teachers always put the students before themselves and loves to see progress and success. Classes like ap classes, college credit classes and advanced classes really prepare the students for secondary schooling. Even though they don't go over everything, they cover the basics and what we will need to succeed. One thing I would change would be get more real world classes in the curriculum. I think this because most students nowadays do not how to write a check or do taxes.
Overall, there is a range of diversity and opportunities. I do think that there should be more clubs/ organizations for students who do not wish to be involved in sports, and I also think they should bring back organizations like National Honor Society as well as others, because for students like me, there is not many ways for me to share my intellect and passions to be considered from colleges, etc.
Great school overall. My children have only attending in this district for a few year. The administration is top notch in my opinion. Thank you HIGHLAND!
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