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Highland Local School District (Medina) Reviews

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I loved the close knit community that Highland had. The teachers were great and always willing to help. The high school was very well kept and nice, I really enjoyed my 11 years at Highland. Some things I can recommend to improve is more involvement with junior and senior students involving college credit plus and preparing for college. The staff did prepare us but I still felt lost a lot of the times and sometimes felt unwelcomed when asking questions. Overall it is a great school district and a great place to begin your academic career.
I absolutely love the school and the district. The teachers are amazing and always go out of their way to help you. I would not change very much besides the fact that I wish there were more elective classes to take.
Highland Local Schools is a very nice school district. The surrounding developments/neighborhoods are very nice middle-income housings. All programs run by our school are thought through very well. If there was one thing that our school could improve on it would be our diversity. Most of the school is white, and I believe there should be a certain degree of diversity to create a well established community for kids to grow up in.
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I love Highland High School because I feel like I get the best possible education and I feel like my teachers truly care about me as a person and as a student. They want the best for me, and push me to be the best I can. The people in the district are so kind and there are multiple people I can talk to if I need to. I am so blessed to be able to walk into school everyday feeling loved and safe.
Highland is a great school district that has truly prepared me for college. It is a wonderful school for academics, but I have not been able to experience as much diversity at this school as I would prefer.
Highland is a great school- the majority of the teachers enjoy their job and make an effort to help out students. However, there needs to be a greater emphasis on mixed teaching styles. For example, teaching traditionally at a whiteboard, working in groups, reading, activities/labs, and videos. Otherwise, the school is about as good as it could be!
The Highland school district is highly rated and rightly so. The academics there are great and so is the faculty. I've met great people and made amazing friends while I was there. the only thing I would change would be the lack of diversity there. Other than that, Highland is a great place to send your kids and I will miss it there.
The Highland School District is a wonderful community who all comes together in times of need and in time of celebration. Everyone is extremely supportive, kind, considerate, caring and helpful all the time and is just such a great environment to be apart of.
Having just moved across the country to a new high school, Highland Local School District was the most welcoming and inviting place to be a part of. Everyone from the students, to the staff, to my counselors made my experience of switching schools much easier than I anticipated. They assisted me in picking out classes that matched up to my academic abilities and interests while meeting the state graduation requirements as well. They helped me get involved in activities that would improve my high school experience by making new friends and meeting new people. One thing I would hope to see in the future for this district is more diversity within the student body. With more ethnic groups present, I believe the district will thrive much more than it already does.
Highland provides students with an average education. The course work it the same as any other Ohio school district. To be an excellent school I expect more.
I did appreciate the administration turning their heads in support of students entrepreneurial spirit and allows students to express themselves freely all during school hours and on school property.
I graduated from Highland High School in 2016 and I am so happy for the opportunities that Highland had to offer to me! I have been apart of the school system since 1st grade and I can truly say that they did a wonderful job in getting me ready and prepared for the future!
My experience at Highland schools was an 11/10. Highland is an excellent school district with so much to offer to students. Great academics and a great learning environment. Highland has one of the nicest high schools in the state of Ohio, it's very beautiful. Highland has a great staff that wants nothing but the best for their students.
Highland is an excellent district, and the teachers prepare the students well and challenge us to be the best we can be.
Great community involvement. Excellent teachers. Smaller school where you get to know a lot of people and where the teachers really get to know you. The teachers want everyone to succeed and teach their highest potential.

Lots of choices for your education including the Medina County Career Center, college plus, wide range of AP and honors classes along with traditional classes. They offer lots of sports and club opportunities.
Highland was a great school to attend . Beautiful buildings with great staff. Everyone was very nice and wanted you to do your best.
All through freshman to senior year, all I had was great experiences from the school! Great teachers that mostly liked to teach and principal Dana Addis had definitely put everyone in our school together.
Entire staff chose favorites. Horrible group of students who only care about getting drunk or high. I would like to see change in the school's attitude towards people who focus on studying more than partying.
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Great community, that prides education. Teachers are top notch and really care about their students.
Highland is a great place to grow up where you choose how you want to learn and move on into your future. That said, Highland is in a serious bubble. Nearly everyone is of the same race, beliefs, socioeconomic status, etc. If you want to find your way out and experience the world, you have to go beyond the many great academic and community opportunities provided.
Great school with fantastic opportunities for all. The high school is twelve years old in a rural location but a close proximity to two major cities. Administration truly cares about their students by leading them in the right direction for their futures. Students are very involved in clubs and extra curricular activities making them well rounded future leaders. Parents get involved too, volunteering their time to help in the classroom and with sports and clubs. To us at Highland, it definitely takes a village to raise great kids!
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