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Highland Community Unit School District No. 5 Reviews

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My experience had been wonderful! The staff and teachers are amazing. I have had amazing learning experience. I can say that I have grown in education and have made a lot of new friends! I don't think there is anything that I would like to see change.
I liked that our school district has a great engineering program and a Spectrum Club for members and supporters of the LGBTQ community.
Very safe School. The teachers are well engaged and know all of their students which makes a comfortable learning environment for the kids. They have adequate sporting opportunities and many extracurricular activies.
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I like that they teach us so much with so much diversity, but I do not like the common core. I wish that they would give us less homework at Highland High School because they tell us to get into so many clubs, but never give us time to do so with the homework.
This is my family’s 1st year in the Highland School District this year. They’re always doing fun things & making learning fun. I like, as a parent, that this district has a no bullying policy and stands by it. My kiddos also tell me that the school lunches are really good! So far, even the slightest issues I’ve had have been resolved. I’m pleasantly surprised with Highland School’s. I have a child in the Primary, Elementary and Middle School. All of my kids seem happy here and have made many new friends! I’m impressed with this district for sure!
I've been in the Highland School District for 12 years now and I couldn't imagine myself anywhere else. Highland students all get along and adapt to each other so well that it's very easy to make life long relationships. Although the work that we do in classes does not make me feel prepared for college as much as I should be.
It's an OK school for younger kids, once you get to high school it's very clicky and not the best school if you don't have friends. They honestly need to change a whole lot for anyone wanting to go to the school.
My high school experience at Highland was great. The teachers were always willing to help, I always felt safe, and I always felt welcomed.
My experience at Highland High School was interesting. Highland is a very small town and it was known that word traveled fast. If something happened at the school, everybody in the town knew about it. Sports are very important, which I like. Though there were things I didn't like about Highland. In Highland, politics are a common thing. If your name was known then you were special. It was also common for people to go for the money. Sometimes skill and knowledge didn't matter, it was who you are.
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