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The teachers are great and the culture is improving mostly at the hands of our third-year counselor and wrestling coach. It is a small school in the middle of cornfields, so consequently, our diversity, academics, and resources are below average. I have felt safe at most all moments at Highland and I have to plug the STEM here: a world class robotics team and the state's only Aerospace Engineering program. Overall, improving school, but there are certainly area schools that could be better for students.
Some of the teachers really hope to see their students succeed. Any teacher is willing to help at any given time. I love the small-school environment, the inclusion, and the friendliness. However, there are a few teachers who seem to despise their job--they've lost the real reason behind teaching. There isn't much enthusiasm or cooperativeness from the teachers. The standards-based grading needs heavy improvement, and administration isn't very understanding at times.
Overall Highland is a great school. Leadership is phenomenal. lack or no present evidence of harassment or unpleasantness. Through my years everyone has a group and every group is open to a new comer. Staff is very friendly and teacher can teach!
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Weve moved a lot and I am so happy we landed here! Highland is a great school district and they have put more effort into teaching my kids than any other school they have attended! My kids attend both the elementary school and middle school and they both love it!
The teachers care a lot about you and how others treat each other. You are able to joke around with teachers without them getting upset with you.
My 15 years spent at Highland have been awesome. My high school years opened up opportunities for me I could have never imagined.
I've gone to highland for my entire educational career. I will be graduating next year and feel very unprepared for what awaits for me at college. Highland often teaches to the students who don't learn as fast, so I was never pushed. Also every teacher that had every done something good for me and my fellow student body either gets fired or they resign because Highland cannot keep good teachers. Overall I don't regret going here because of the friends I've made but I am so glad my little sisters got out of this school when they did.
This school is the worst! We had to fight for our child(rens) education at this school. If your child(ren) has an IEP they don't follow it. It's sad to see the children suffering because they don't get the education they need/deserve. The school just pushes them through grades. Administration bullies parents if they try and stand up for their child(ren). Bullying is horrible at this school.
Good experiences with students and teachers at the school, however, Highland lacks some cultural elements that would, in my opinion, tend to keep more of their students attracted to the idea of high school in general.
I really enjoy Highland High School. I have been going to this school for 10 years, and the staff that works here are very nice and the students are as well. There hasn't been bullying problems in our school for a few years so that helps new students become friends with one another.
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