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Highland Central School District Reviews

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Highland high school and the district as a whole has come a very long way ! As a senior I have seen this district transform from a below average school to a generally nice place to be and an excellent setting . The school and teachers are very involved and generally care about all of the students ! No matter what there will always be at least one staff member to talk to you ! The highland students and staff are truly like one big family . Being a small district we all really come together when things happen or school events.I am truly proud to be a highland huskie !!!!
The teachers were hardworking and understanding as well as helpful. The courses that were given were not much of a wide variety giving a slight disadvantage.
If there's anything I really liked about Highland it's definitely the teachers. During my experience from kindergarten to my senior year, I can't say I ever had a teacher I didn't like. Highland's flaw is, hands down, the lack of diversity. Over time, I have noticed more variety and diversity around the district but certainly still not enough. I'm going out into the world now feelings very sheltered and kind of confused because I never really got the opportunity to interact with people much like myself, minorities.
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The school focuses a a lot of time and energy into sports that frankly we are not good at. The teachers are wonderful and they truly care about students.
The school is small and close knit and you can definitely feel a sense of community here. However, there are cliques and you run into the problem where you meet people who receive things because of their last names. The clubs and opportunities are great considering what a small school district there is. In the high school, students have the opportunity to take college classes and take advantage of the many field trips.
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