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In this school what I liked the most was how connected everyone was to other people. We as students and teachers help one another and also get helped. In my old schools I didn't feel like I got in but in this school I could be myself and I am not ashamed to be. It probably has to do with how we have the same religion or same color but this school is like no other. The academic there is excellent. We take classes that are higher than what normal high schools teach. In this school we are expected and put on a high pedestule.
Even though there are goods ther are also things I would love to change about this school. One being there aren't a lot of activities to do there which is sad. The other reason being there is little to no sports. Which I could live without but sometimes I wonder what it would be like if I played a certain sport.
Use to be good the 2017 2018 year was very poor New teachers was a little poor
The college readiness is very avrege so next year improve back
My experience was pretty average in this school. The great extracurricular activites I used to be involved in were rolled back in my senior year. The school does not have many things that others do.
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HGA has an amazing PSEO program for juniors and seniors. Teachers use effective teaching strategies and use common core curriculum!
I really loved going to school here. The teachers care about me. I feel important and in a safe space. All my classmates feel that same way; I am sure.
Higher Ground Academy is great school. It's a small school but that gives you the opportunity to know more people and socialize with them. It's a environmental friendly school that wants to make change to this world through the students they teach. one thing I would like to see change is to add more sports programs to the school.
The school doesn't have a gym, which makes it seem depressing but the learning there is amazing. I have been going there for 10 years now and I dont regret anything. Yes,, they lack diversity but you cant blame them for being an afro-centric school. Their ELL is great, and the program boosts the children's ego. Another Program the school has is a Accelerated math/reading program. Kids go from being below average readers to exceeding. Last but certainly not least my favorite, is the work study for the seniors. We can work for any class and grade of our choice and pretty much help the teachers and get paid, during our free time.
I like that its small and teachers are kind. I dislike that the school isn't diverse and that it small.
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