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What I like is that everyone knows everyone, and there is always someone to talk to. But some things I’d like to see change is the low budget on clubs versus the high budget on a low winning football program. All the money is used towards that program than going to prom budget or senior budget. It could also go to well deserving clubs and group as well
I really love that there is little to no bulling in the school, the majority of the teachers are wonderful and nice and the band program is superb. I'd like to see the foot ball team win once this season, I would love more tables in the cafeteria so no one would have to fight for one or go to the courtyard to eat out side.
Hidalgo High School is a small school located right next to the border. It is known for their amazing music program in which I was a part of. What I like about Hidalgo high school is the students who cross the border every morning just to attend school. The fine arts department is amazing & the teachers are truly remarkable. Proud Pirate!
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I was enrolled in Hidalgo Pirates High School and I totally loved my time there! I had a very beautiful high school experience surrounded with excellent teachers and students. Highly recommended.
The sense of familiarity was there for sure. The whole staff is friendly and familial to a fault almost. The teachers leave a lot to be desired however with an aim to cater to the lower end of students rather than have them catch up. While staff are very understanding and caring, the curriculum could do with an upgrade.
The thing I loved most about my school in the Hidalgo school district was that everything was very academic focused. We had financial aid teachers, and people to direct us on our road to getting into college. I never felt lost or like I had no one to help me.
The one thing I did not like was the school lunches of course, and the neglect on the underprivileged students. My sister is dyslexic and for years I have seen her fall through the cracks. The kids who aren't as smart as the others are looked beyond, and aren't helped in the way they should be. I feel they should've received more encouragement and given more confidence. A lot of students like my sister grow up with the notion that they won't get very far in life.
I loved how hidalgo is a small school, more like a community where you know everyone and its like studying with family.
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