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I love the size of the school, because everyone knows eachother. All of the teachers are super helpful. For example, if I ever need help with any homework, my teacher says they can meet me at the school earlier for tutorials. The school faculty is super sweet! I always try to thank them or say a simple Goodmorning to them when I see them in the mornings because they do so much for us and they’re not really appreciated that much.
Hico High School is one of the most student involved schools in the area. They go one on one with their students to lead them in a good direction in life. They are very guiding and the teachers are always there when you need them. The atmosphere of the school is fun and exciting. You always feel a sense of school pride when you are walking down the hallway. The sports are astounding and for a small school but one thing we do lack is Theatre but that is something we can fix in years to come.
This school is not equipped to handle special needs children. They single the children out and do not offer solutions. The main goal is not what is in the best interest of the child, but what is easiest for the school. The burden of teaching the curriculum is left to the working parent. I do believe there are some exceptional teachers at this school but they are few and far between.
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Hico ISD is by far the best school I have attended. They offer several programs that allow students to excel in any field they are passionate in, and do their best to make sure each and everyone of their students succeeds academically.
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