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Hicksville Union Free School District Reviews

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Teachers were subpar. School does not offer many educational after school programs such as SAT prep, College workshop, Resume and Cover letter writing workshops. In addition, the school should focus on incorporating daily life skills and activities that are essential once you graduate and go into the professional world.
The school is immensely diversified, and it allows for so many groups of people to interact with one another. Hicksville High School offers various opportunities for students to join extracurricular activities that involve sports, academics, art, volunteer work, etc.
I learned a lot and grew a lot in the Hicksville school district. Teachers were very helpful when needed with providing extra help hours. After school activities were organized in a manner that allowed students to thrive.
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Everything was great about this school. It is so diverse. Many students attend. The education is great
It’s an average school because i moved to several different high schools every year of my high school career, this school have nice respectful students amd teachers, responsible faculty members, and friendly environment.
Hicksville's community is one that represents love over hate, and triumph over adversity. Even with all of the annoyances and errors made by the administration, I can truly say that I believe everyone here has our best interests at heart.
Hicksville has so many wonderful resources. The learning is very individualistic as there are seven elementary schools and high school and middle school classes are generally small. There are so many clubs and a great music program.
Overall, the staff is extremely dedicated to their students and provide a plethora of opportunities for extracurricular involvement and extra help. In addition, opportunities, such as peer tutoring and library access, are readily available. However, not enough money is allocated to successful clubs, such as the Science Olympiad, and the money is instead given to sports or used to build extravagant swimming centers that serve no foreseeable purpose in the future. Ideally, invest in the students and their opportunities over flagrantly ostentatious displays of wealth.
Hicksville provided many opportunities for students to better themselves with many advanced classes as well as a variety of classes to choose from. All teachers are willing to work with students to help them make the most out of their education.
Hicksville High School is a diverse community of student with plenty of opportunities. The teachers do their job for the most part and they are fair. the administration can be frustrating at times but overall it is a decent school.
I received all my education from Hicksville Union Free School District. My sister and I attended East St Elementry school and absolutely loved it there. I needed special education since I was a slow learner. They didn't treat me any different from the other kids but help me overcome my obstacles in learning. Going to Hicksville middle school I wish there were more clubs and opurtunies besides theater and courus. High school was very enjoyable besides the entire guidance department. They often have no clue what they are doing and didn't work in a timely manner.
Hicksville School District is one that cares deeply for it students. The administration is great, and the higher level teachers are dedicated educators that invest themselves in the success of their students. The school provides opportunities to those who seek them out. Hicksville's music program is one of the best in the country and produces talented musicians. The diversity of Hicksville is one of its greatest aspects - students learn to appreciate and respect cultures from around the world.
I have attended three different school districts and absolutely love Hicksville the most. The teachers are all amazing and very dedicated and the district really does everything with the childrens best intention in mind. Great after school programs and extracurricular activities as well.
Going to high school here was sure something else. It was very diverse, people either talked to you or didn't at all. The food is good, the teachers are eh, but the ones that are good actually do care about their students and their grades. this school is good for making life long friends and I have to say has good sports teams.
I was always a student whom would excel in my classes mostly based on my own merit. I have had teachers in the past who didn't know how to teach or were too incoherent to figure out what to do when instructing leaving me and my fellow seniors to work individually when it came to learning the material. Other teachers, such as our fine arts department, consists of the most amazing and caring group of individuals you will ever meet. Those teachers never seize to make my day. No matter what is going on in my life I can always go to them for comfort. The sports department I was never really a part of due to my lack of athletic skills, however, out of about 25 teams the school has there are only 4 teams that end up doing well against other schools.
I liked Hicksville for the diversity of the students. The teachers are mostly poor with an exception of a few incredible ones. I made many great friends over the year at this district though and I wouldn't have rather gone anywhere else.
The guidance office was very attentive and cooperative in pointing me in the right direction for preparations for college. I enjoyed my athletic experience, although I would like to see the quality of the programs to improve by the athletic department
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Hicksville school district is very diverse which is great thing. Student learn about accepting other peoples culture. Burns Avenue elementary school was wonderful. Great teacher, great principal!! The middle school and high school are ok. Some great teachers some not so great teachers.
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