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I’d like to see bullying stopped because so many kids get bullied and it goes unnoticed by teachers.
Hickory City Schools are like any other average school district around. The food is actually better than you would think. They have fresh fruits and vegetables. They are very diverse and they don't have terrible staff.
My experience at Hickory City Schools was that I loved how they had a system called smartlunch. Smartlunch was a program that you could do your homework during lunch time or even find a tutor to catch up on things. I had a really great experience with this program, it helps a lot of students.
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In the Hickory City Schools district I have found that if anyone needs information about anything related to education there is always someone who is helpful and answers any questions in great detail. Each school is very diverse from each other. This is a plus, it allows you to find a school that fits your needs and criteria. Take Hickory Career and Arts Magnet School for example, they are an A+ school this means that their main focus. They incorporate art with all of their subject not just in their specific academies such as Culinary, Graphic Design, Photography, etc. but in Math and Sciences. While at Hickory High you get what you could consider the "normal" high school experiences. Like all things there is room for improvement, such as government funding for the smaller schools that most people don't know about.Many are dangerously close to being shut down due to them not having enough money to stay open.
..... hickory high was a really bad school, there was poor administrators ( always had favorites, in my opinion some were also very much racist ) would not one my child to go there just my personal opinion
What i like about hickory city schools is how diversity and culture is spread around all elementary, middle and high-schools all over!
My experience at Hickory High was pretty good, I enjoyed being able to make many friends and that there are many clubs to join.
Ive been attending HPS for 4 years and its had its ups and downs. The culture and tradition on the school os great.
Excellent teachers, however, their efforts are hampered by lack of resources and weak administration.
Hickory City Schools is run terribly. The students are not the focus of the administration and they care more about face and reputation than actual results. They are unable to keep good teachers because they refuse to pay them a living salary. A mixture of sub-standard teachers, lack of resources, and low academic quality.
My experience at Hickory High School has overall been positive. I am fortunate to have the support of my family and teachers who have helped shape who I am as a student inside and outside of the classroom. Hickory High School has a high turnover rate of teachers recently, one hope I have is for this to stabilize.
Lack of representation of minorities in IB and AP classes. Admin doesn't support IB program and seems to be sabatoging it with poor staffing choices. Very disappointed in my school's priorities.
I was in Hickory City Schools Prek- Middle school and it has definitely helped prepare me for highschool and college.
Diverse student population and great AP teachers. It would be better if the IB program was eliminated so that teacher resources could be managed more effectively. There are a lot of sport and club activities to choose from.
After being in the school district for about 10 years, I can positively state that it is the most decent school system, generally, for this particular area. I enjoy the amount of classes offered and the class sizes, for the most part. Whole-heartedly, I would really appreciate a change in school hours of operation and the harsh dress codes applied in the institutions.
I have noticed how the teachers are unable to control the students and the students do not care at all.
Overall they have teachers who really care about their students learning. Extra help is always available. Hickory city schools is the only District that has orchestra in our area.
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Hickory Public Schools should eliminate the costly IB program at Hickory High School. There are not enough students at the public high school to adequately support both the AP program and the costly IB program which are offered at school. Thus it is a challenge for school administrators to finalize teacher assignments and students' schedules. Many IB students do NOT receive college credit for mandatory classes. The IB program does not foster school unity. Taxpayers should not have to fund two separate college prepatory programs.
HPS was great but they had nothing to offer me my senior year. Hire better teachers to help with college readiness and get rd of the IB program it takes away from the school community.
I loved the care that was taken in the later years of my educational experience. The over experience was definitely second to none.
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