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Hickman Mills C-I School District Reviews

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My experience with this district is good. This district could be one of the best if the news didn't give us a bad reputation. They only like to get the bad things that happens there instead of all of the good things that we do.
I enjoy all of the different types of programs that Ruskin High School in the Hickman Mills District has to offer to the students. The different programs give an opportunity for us as students to be able to job shadow people in the career field that we wish to pursue when we graduate and are able to go off to college. The programs also give us the opportunity to speak our minds and give our opinions on what our school should do which makes the school so much more fun, since we are able to determine what we do for the most part. Our Hickman mills school Districts is also so diverse and treats everyone the same without judging us. Lastly Hickman Mills School District has many different advanced classes to offer so that once we go to college we won’t have as many classes to take.
I like that the Hickman mills school district gives us many opportunities to connect to different colleges. It’s pushes us to have people from different colleges tell us about their experiences.
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I go to Smith hale and as a student I can personally say it's probably the worst school I've attended. Fights occur every single day. The staff don't handle bullying at all very well the most they do is 3 day suspension most likely not even that. Lunch is horrible. The teachers don't hardly ever actually teach anything and the principals are.. yeah.. anyways don't go to this school. If ur in elementary or ur child is in elementary and u wanna go to this district the best school by far is Warford
There are several opportunities within the Hickman Mills School District for college readiness. The district is starting to do a good job sharing that information with parents and students. If you want a good education you can get it but you must be intentional and engaging or a student will fall behind. Areas of improvement: technology - the ipads do not work consistently, buildings need attention, parent involvement, school spirit is lacking - need more pride and engagement.
What I love about the Hickman mills school district is the diversity. From what I have seen the student do a great job at taking an interest in other students culture and religion all on there own. Which is preparing them for the future. What I would like to see is more innovations throughout the school. There are more improvements that need to be made in order to bring the modern feel to the high school.
My experience with the Hickman Mills C-1 School District has been a great and wonderful experience so far, I have learned so many new and extraordinary things in my elementary experience. This school district has been preparing me and my classmates for middle and high school, I used to be terrified of moving up a grade but ever since I have been in this school district I feel more confident then I ever were in my other elementary schools. Thank you Hickman Mills C-1 School District.
- Sincerely Jermiya Evans
Honestly, I've been in The Hickman mills school district since I was in elementary school. It's Not as bad as people make it seem. If You teach your kids right from wrong they will succeed. Although I feel the high school (Ruskin) is a bit too strict on the students regarding passing periods and teachers breathing down the students necks 24/7.
I have been in the Hickman Mills C-I School District since second grade. I was welcomed by wonderful staff who show that they care about the students. This upcoming school year I will be a senior. My overall experience with the district is a 3 because as I grew older things started to change for the worst. Teachers and staff began to hate their job and it showed through behavior towards others. The principal at the school I attend is hardly ever at the school, so the assistant principals run the school. I have a lot of love for this district but they need more structure.
It was okay. Teaching isn't that great but it is bearable. The people are not that great either, but the atmosphere in general is okay.
I like the diversity of the district and educational programs offered. I'd like to see the administration change.
Most people hear Hickman mills and think negatively on our school district. The school district has been known for many things that are not very good. On the other hand the teachers and students bring so much to make the school district better. So I believe that Hickmanmills is a great school district that I am proud to come from.
I love the schools culture and activities, it in fact was the best system when it came to those things. Other than that the schools energy was always good. This district did not get me college ready but it was a fun experience, the teachers and the faulty members changed every two or one year, which caused the administration to not bond with us.
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