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Hickman County School District Reviews

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The school overall is ran pretty smoothly and efficiently. All rules are reasonable and made with reason. Teachers are willing to help and be there for students.
I like it because it was like it had changed me for the better. the way i see it; it is a place that once you see your kindergarten teacher, the transformation starts.
what i like to see in the schools is a place where kids can get rid of their frustrations and anger out on something than other students.
I liked having the same classes as my friends. With that being said, the variety of classes is not very big. We only have one foreign language to "pick" from. Also, as a senior I have seen how a lot of the teachers taught their classes, and not all are the best.

Also, I liked how the teachers would keep us updated on announcements throughout the day. Something usually changes everyday on the announcements. So it is great for the teachers to get an email about new announcements, and inform the students about the new announcements.

Another thing I like about the school, is they always try to help in any way. The teachers ask questions if you have said something in class indicating you need help. Most teachers will stay after school or see you before if it is needed. Although, there are some problems students run into that make it hard for the teachers to help them. For example, if a student has a job after school and can not stay, or the student is in trouble a lot.
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I am a senior at Hickman County High School. I have lived and went to Hickman County schools all of my life. I love it here. I honestly would not want to go anywhere else.
They have good teacher they work with the student if they need the printable
Are good they work together
All of my children have had very good experiences in this school system. I do wish that there was a greater variety of subjects available in high school for the students to select from but the ones that are available are very well taught.
The teachers and students are very respectful and are dedicated to their academics and job. I wish our school was more diverse so I could widen my friend group of more diverse others.
I like how the teachers will really work with you outside of class on a personal level. They take the time to get to know you and your learning ways. I wish some rules would change, but I think most are very reasonable.
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