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Hibbing Public School District Reviews

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Education is great, nice facilities, people are always there to help you. Professors are nice and understanding with athletes.
Hibbing high school is just about like any other high school. The school has a state of the art auditorium, but sadly the school is very sports based. There is a drama program that I am in, but the administrators mainly act like they could care less about the program. Like any other school hibbing prepares for state testing. I wish the schools would prepare us for things that actually matter for our future like college, paying bills, paying taxes, how to vote, how to get a job. Instead we are being taught to prepare for tests that have no point in our future so that the school can make some money.
I enjoyed attending Hibbing High School. For the most part, the teachers were great and actually cared about the students. I appreciated the beauty of the school itself and always saw it as a privelege to attend. The beautiful auditorium was the best part and it was truly amazing to get to perform and sing on that stage often. I was always overwhelmed by how amazing the atmosphere of the entire auditorium was. The sports at Hibbing High School were amazing. The individualsports were fair and so much fun to participate in. The only negative thing I have to say about sports is that the team sports had a lot of politics involved, if you weren't a well-known person, you didn't get much playing time, unfortunately.
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I really liked going to Hibbing High School. I felt like it gave me plenty of opportunities to succeed. They also made it very easy to be in any extracurricular you wanted even if you had a low income. They were very supportive when it came to kids that needed financial help. They also have great college credit classes and college prep courses you can take to better prepare for your future.

One thing I think would be very beneficial for the high school was if the younger kids were more seperated from the older kids. When I was there all these young seventh graders were doing stuff that they picked up from some of the older kids and it would get them in and eventually they were held back. From my experience the kids who were held back never really caught backup to their original grade, so maybe a goodidea would be after school tutoring sessions in the library so the students that are willing to work get the help they need.
Great school districts. One of the best in the state and the teachers are amazing and they care about you. The sports are pretty good and fairly offered.
The Hibbing Public School District is overall very nice. Hibbing High School is gorgeous, and is filled with so much history. Many come from all over the country, and even all over the world to view it. Occasionally, there is problems with administration, but not too many. Almost all the teachers are great and genuinely want to help you.
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