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Hesperia Unified School District Reviews

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Teachers are very helpful in helping you get your task done. On a day to day basis. The counselors and staff is super supportive and always pushing you to go to college. They show you the pathway to be successful and help you out with all your needs.
I believe Hesperia Unified Schoool District does a good job protecting all the Hesperia Schools. My school does a good job making me feel safe, and my peers feel the same way too.
I recently graduated from here, I do not recommend at all. They have a really STRONG favoritism and if you are not one of those people you are basically screwed with getting anything. Most teachers do not have a credential and are Encore Alum. They completely messed up on my transcripts and were rude about it. Due to a mistake they made I can’t go to the university I was planning on going to, Encore ruined my future by this. I have to last minute apply to VVC due to Encore. I do not recommend at all they have messed up so many other peoples transcripts not just mine. Do not go here
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I love how they are very involved with the community and they give their students a chance to be involved in the community as well.
Boy, am I proud to call my self a Scorpion! Being able to call my self a Scorpion does not only come with pride, but responsibility. As an Alumni from such a great school, I must continue walking with my head high. A great teacher ounce old me " You are what you repeatedly do thus excellence is not an act but a habit" by Aristotle. Since then, I have kept that motto close to my heart. The sincere and genuine impact the teachers serve at this school is life changing. They expect nothing but the best for there students. From having a web enhanced advantage such as using laptops incorporated into there curriculum prepares each student to be college ready even if they don't think so. The staff of this school not only watch the student's grow, but they grow with them. The original school of Hesperia, Hesperia High, continues to strive and grow day by day. They don't let you down. They build you up.
I liked how the school offered free college courses on campus for students to help them get ahead on credits. I wish the school would have equally focused on academics and sports, rather than just academics or focusing on just sports. Although the coaches were adamant about keeping up their grades while playing a sport, they weren’t hard on the students to maintain good grades throughout the entire year, not just the season. I would like to see the coaches encourage the student-athletes to earn good grades throughout the entire school year. There were clubs that offered students a way to interact with each other socially and academically.
With Hesperia Unified I feel that I had a very average experience. They were kind of average at everything; school lunches, clubs, and the teachers. With teachers especially the teachers didn't really seem to be invested in their students lives. They excel at athletics and sometimes it seems that's their main focus rather than academics.
I really liked hesperia it taught me alot however there could be more resources to make you more prepared for college
Depending on the school you attend you can be offered a multitude of opportunities academically. Although opportunities differ from school to school everyone does have something to offer that will benefit students.
The Hesperia Unified School district is the best district in all of the San Bernardino county and more. There are many amazing people involved in it. Teachers, administrators, counselors, and more. They are all helpful and they are all willing to go out of there way to do anything to prepare you and better you for your future.
I like how all the schools I went to Hesperia Jr High and Hesperia High school were very safe and a non bulling campus. I just wish the food and the staff were a little better.
In the Hesperia Unified School DIstrict, I have experienced many positive things. One of my favorite things about HUSD, is the college readiness. At the high school that I am currenlty attending, there is a Career Center which is very useful in many different ways. The Career Center offers you scholarships, information about colleges, and a great staff member you helps you find what you are seeking. What I also enjoy about HUSD, is the clubs that are offered to students. Many of these clubs include helping preparing students for their future, and a lot of these clubs include fun activites for students to be involved with.
if you are involed and actually know about whst going on you have alot of opportunities but one thing they could work on is getting things known out there. Letting people know about what is going on. Post it places, on social media so students could get more involed.
In my opinion Hesperia unified school district is one of the best district they could be compared to the other districts I have experienced.
The school district is pretty good at controlling everything but one thing that I find pretty annoying is that fact that they do no allow us o switch from our school email accounts on the laptops they provide. Yeah it's their laptops, but us students. still need to access personal emails and emails that are used when signing up for concurrent enrollment. It is pretty ridiculous and needs to get handled.
My experiences at Hesperia High School are fantastic because, you get a lot of encouragement to do well and one of our motos is strive for excellence. Not only that, all of the coaches on campus like to motivate you to joining a sport or club, which is awesome because we have a lot of involvement around campus. We have the avid program that allows us to prepare for college, I find that useful for kids that don't no much about college. Avid takes us on field trips to different colleges, for example we went to Cal State Dominguez Hills, Cal Poly Pomona and UC Irvine. We have a lot of collaboration with one another, which creates avid students getting use to peers and problem solving. Those are some of my great experiences at Hesperia High School.
What I like about Hesperia School District is that the administration does their best possible to help their students. Events are made to provide college information to those who want to go to a university of college. The district always provides attention to the students such as asking for a better environment, better food for lunch, and resources for school work.
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They have really good schools. These schools are very college oriented and they really help students be prepared for college.
The Hesperia Unified School District has hired many teachers that make learning a fun and enjoyable experience. Many of the teachers care about us and how well we do in school, however there are some teachers who do not teach the class at all. Many of the AP teachers believe that since it is an AP class that the students have to teach themselves and I would like to see that change. I would also like to see a new food program being used because the food we recieve is not fulfulling. Many of the bathrooms are also closed so students have to wander all over campus to find an open restroom.
hesperia unified school district is a great school district because they care about the staff and students
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