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Hertford County Schools Reviews

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Hertford County schools are very basic, there aren't many schools to choose from. Thsi can be a good thing because there aren't many choices that comes with a lot of field trips and a lot of rare oppurtunities becasue there aren't that amny students in the county. The learning style of Hertford County schools are not really advanced as it would be in Virginia, I knw this because I live there until I entered the 8th grade. I would love to see the district set higher standards for the STEM school and the early college. I would also like to see kids at the main campus become more disciplined which means I would like to see the number of suspensions, pregnancies, and fights decrease throughout the years to make Hertford County Schools a little more decent.
Hertford county schools are very mediocre. The staff and teachers act like they do not care most of the time. The school really needs an upgrade with teachers, and academic standards.
My experience with Hertford County public schools hasn't been so good when it comes down to testing. We don't have the best teachers over here but I did the best that I could. When it came down to assignments and projects I did good but I've always struggled with studying and testing.
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It was boring and bery unexciting the school is a hazard to kids.rats and roachs go throughout the whole entire school.the education comes after the teachers yells at other kids who dont care about school which wastes the kids who do care time for learning.
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