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Hershey Public Schools Reviews

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I love the small town atmosphere and how close everyone is. With small towns; however, there is normally a lot of drama involved. One of the things I like best about it is how anyone can do anything, you don't have to try out for sports teams, and you can be in any organization you desire. I also think that our school prepares us for college better than any other schools around our area. All of the staff, teachers, and coaches are all very supportive and personable with all of their students and players. I absolutely love Hershey High and I wouldn't want to attend any other school.
Most teachers are amazingly caring and intelligent. There are hardly any options for classes outside of the core curriculum, due to the small size of the school. Students are all around friendly, but can be very lazy and petty. Rules set by the administration are often ridiculous. Atmosphere is mostly welcoming, but academics are not the greatest.
It’s comforting to know that the teachers actually see the students, know who they are, and encourage them based on their talents. Truly enjoyed the small school setting as it provided greater opportunities
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I have gone to Hershey Public Schools since I was in Kindergarten and this year I'm a Senior. This school has taught me so much and has definitely had its ups and downs. The environment is great because you get to know your teachers and classmates at a closer level than what a bigger school would.
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