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Herricks Union Free School District Reviews

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The Herricks Union Free School District has shaped me into the person I am today.

Herricks has opened so many doors for me. In their numerous elective course options, students are really given the chance to explore their interests and talents at an early age. This aids students in discovering possible career paths for the future before college, something I believe is crucial.

In addition, Herricks qualifed, caring, and overall fantastic faculty makes it their priority that students not only receive the best education, but have a pleasant, unique experience in doing so.
This schools make its students strive to succeed. It is a very competitive environment were all students have to work hard to make their place. The faculty is encouraging and understanding.
Herricks High School teaches their students to have a great balance between their social and academical lives. Teachers are welcoming and understanding to their students. Along with the great staff and their students who are determined to become something in life the environment is always positive and motivational. If the administrators were to make some changes, they should have students come into the high school with classes that will help them on their road to their profession. The high school should have communities for each major. For example, if the student wants to become a doctor then the school should offer him/her classes that will help him/her understand what needs to be done for that profession. The classes the student takes like math or science classes should be according to what he or she will need in medical school. Besides this change, the Herricks School District is a great diverse environment in which students grow and learn together as a family.
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Awesome experiance here. Super proud to be an alum! Has a great balance between academics, arts and sports. All of the teachers were super helpful and pushed their students to their achive their full potential
Very diverse, lots of different classes and clubs to choose from, friendly teachers and couselors and staff, decent food
This is a great school district. I went here from middle school onwards. I highly recommended this district.
Herricks High School was a great school to attend because they offered the rigorous academics along with multiple off-campus activities. They were able to offer me a variety of volunteer programs and internships in the nearby cities. Herricks is truly an exceptional school to attend.
Herricks High School is a great academic school with teachers that are over qualified. The classes are extremely small and every teacher has a consistent help class schedule. The teacher are either really smart or have a interesting personality that forces u to listen, but some teachers have both. The administration is a pain because they keep on treating students like criminals since they use police bait tactics on little high schoolers. I don't understand their reasoning to criminize the kids because we're just a couple of Asian and Indian kid who ocvasionally juul in thr bathroom. The food is alright,and the sport teams are trash because we are all unathletic nerds.
Herricks has a very supportive environment for the right type of student. They are very focused on grades and overall reputation in Music. If you're not on that track then this may not be the right place for you.
sense of community is great & level of academics are high, prepared me for the college and the real world ... teachers are caring individuals who truly want the best for their students
My Experience at Herricks High School was one of the most unforgettable experiences in my life! At first, you may feel nervous on your first day of your freshman year, but you will get used to it and realize that it's actually a lot of fun. I made the most of my experience by taking part in many afterschool activities and participated in events held throughout the year.
My experience at high school was about average. There is nothing that stood out to me except the excellent teachers. Every teacher cares about their student and will do anything to see them succeed. However I do wish that the school was more diverse and that there was a greater variety of clubs available.
I wish there was more help to prepare for college from my counselor. Otherwise, it is a great school and I have enjoyed going here. I have also met some great friends and I love my teachers.
As a Herricks junior, I can say that I am confident thinking about my transition into college because of the way Herricks prepares its students. While our courses are rigorous and course load is at times overwhelming, you'll never get the kind of dedication given by both teacher AND student as in Herricks. Being a small school, it is easy to get the kind of attention you need whether you are struggling, or just need someone to talk to.
Everyone in the school is really kind and welcoming. The community is very close and it provides a great learning environment.
The staff is all relatively nice there. I just hope to see the student body integrating with each other more.
The academics and teachers help prepare students for college and the extracurricular a give more to the school for students to enjoy.
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I switched into the Herricks District three years ago and that was the best decision I have ever made. The community is very friendly and the school is very strong especially in the arts.
The teachers were very supportive of my learning experience. They were always challenging me to be the best student, person, and learner. Herricks is a great environment to try new things.
Overall, Herricks is a great school district. There are plenty of resources, good parent involvement, and the academics are amazing.
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