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I feel as if their tests should be made by teachers teachign the subject in each school. If the entire school does badly on a test as a whole then the students should not be forced to keep those grades.
This is my first year in this county, and mainly all I can say is that my experience is not bad thus far. Although there are some bad parts about my school there are some good as well. One thing I like about my school offers many club and sports options and they are all very interesting. There is also a lot of school spirit at pep rallies that help show support to our schools teams. However, one thing that I dislike about my school is the lack of diversity in the students. But overall, my school is pretty good.
I was part of the Gifted Program at Explorer and then Challenger until I was in 8th grade. After that, the county's school system has been average in opportunities and resources such as types of classes. All of my teacher's have cared about their students, but I am mostly in honors, AP, and DE so I see certain teachers.
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I've had an experience both good and bad going to school here. Sometimes schedule's will get mixed up other times grades take longer than necessary to come in but other than that I've had nothing but the best experience here so far
I was a former student and now have a son that just graduated from the same High School. They have great sport programs and are involved with the students.
As a female graduate of Springstead High I would like to see more of a commitment from our school board to help students achieve success. The faculty is under qualified which leaves students scrambling to seek help online or from pets with academic issues.
Nothing terrible about the education, but nothing outstanding either. My school however, was in total disrepair.
I feel that Hernando county is a good district. I have had amazing teachers throughout my school career. I feel that I have been taught to exceed the standards. I am an honors student and I am always wanting to go above and beyond. the schools I have been at have helped me reach my level of knowledge. Hernando county is great district. I would recommend this county to anyone.
Many schools in Hernando try to excel but fall so short. As a student of Nature Coast who graduated in 2016 the school was often plagued by a lack of funding that was and still hasn't been resolved, causing cuts to programs and extracurricular activities such as clubs.
Hernando County should have a little bit more of recreational places for kids and more school even though is a small county like that they can give the kids/students more choices when it comes to picking the school they would like
Administrators are really well trained and work wonders with students, I really enjoy my school day!!
I have attended Hernando Schools for all of my education. For the most part, my experience has been pleasant. I have made many friends, had the opportunity to take advanced classes, and have worked with many inspirational teachers and coaches. I have done my best to become involved in the many activities, clubs, and academic teams as to make my high school experience meaningful and memorable.
The Hernando County School District has helped children like myself excel over all expectations. Their efforts exceed over other counties school regulations due to the successful staff presently assisted throughout the schools. I have been a part of the Hernando County School District for the past 7 years, and I can say that my academical studies has helped me achieve my goals, and further pursue my aspirations in college. I applaud my teachers who have helped me successfully complete school, and further allowed me to start dual enrollment. This has further helped me become more prepared for college in the future.
In terms of my school, the experience for me was overall enjoyable. My teachers and fellow classmates were willing to give me a helping hand whenever I needed one. The only complaint that I would would add is that the quality of the food could leave a lot more to be desired.
I have had a great experience with Hernando County School District. I have been involved in their student delegate program which has allowed me to have a voice as a student, work together with others, and see the impacts that our actions have had on the school system in our county.
Generally speaking i had great teachers who really helpedme through out y years of schooling. Many taught me valuable lessons that i still use today. Ive always had something interesting to learn,no matter what grade i was in.
Overall, Hernando County does its job of teaching and supplying students with all the supplies and options they need to succeed. The only bad side is that students that work extra hard and are seriously focused on their goals, are treated and talked down to just as much as the students who do not care at all. This is done in more counties I am sure, but in Hernando County it seems that no matter how hard you work, supervisors and professors will always talk down to you and think you are incompetent. The options for various classes are rather slim too. Only certain schools offer certain elective classes. Thus, if you are in the wrong school zone or cannot get accepted into the school you wish for, then the classes you want are just not available.
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I've had a great experience being apart of the Hernando County School District. The 2 main reasons I love the district are how nice the people are, and how competitive Athletics are. Hernando High School is an awesome place.
This school district is diverse and varies from school to school, but there are some things that remain for them all, such as diversity, parental involvment, and the abundance of sports and clubs.
I have been going to schools in hernando my entire life. Hernando county is not the richest or nicest county but the school district has been very nice to me. Every school I have attended has helped me out as much as they could and the hernando county schools have worked very hard to give assistance and guidance to students to encourage them to get out of hernando county and go to college and become something great. The teachers have taught me well and overall my experiences have been nice.
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