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The School has excellent college class opportunities. They are a part of the state wide colleges. The sports teams are above and beyond. Most vying for state championships yearly. It is small enough that every one knows everyone, but large enough to offer great opportunities academically, arts, sports and many volunteering clubs.
Hermon High School prepares students for college, it is the initial and final goal for everyone who goes here. Whether it be extracurricular, or sport-like you are often to find many friends. Unlike the middle school people and teachers welcome you with open arms, and treat you nicely.

The teachers here are sweet, caring, confident, and teach others in ways that everyone can understand. Those who are struggling can often go to them for help, and are available everyday except Wednesday in which they have a staff meeting.

The school allows its students to apply so they can be apart of UTC (United Technologies Center). This center prepares you for a career in the future if you are not wanting to go to college, and works with the school for planned absences or arrival times.
All the staff at Hermon High School was more then willing to put in the effort to make sure I had what I needed to succeed. They were willing to work one on one with me to help me get ready for AP exams and college and are always there to lend a hand with difficult schoolwork.
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I like how the staff at Hermon are constantly trying to improve the atmosphere for the students. If the students are willing to work, the teachers can get you anywhere. As a student, you have so many opportunities to find your career path.
I like the teachers and the coaches they work hard to improve their players and students are friendly and respectful to each other. Everybody looks out for each other and are there to help each other and in classes or sports.
The majority of the teachers at this school were terrible, they did a poor job at helping you if you didn't understand something.
This school yields the average high school experience. Spirit Weeks and Winter Carnivals are a blast. Most of the teachers are really kindhearted and genuinely want to see you succeed. There are some obvious problems that need fixing and that is something that needs to be dealt with by administration. Needs more school unity and spirit.
Hermon High School like any school, has its struggles. But what makes Hermon a great school to be enrolled in to me, is the fact that we are a smaller school which allows one on one time between teachers and students. The smaller class sizes make the learning experience more personable. Hermon high school has a low rate of bullying compared to a lot of the bigger schools which is really nice and makes for a safe environment. One thing that will stick with me through my four years of being a student at Hermon is how the school and community come together in times of mourning, Hermon has had a lot of loss in the last five years and we can all come together no matter who likes who, to help everyone through the times of pain. We also come together and raise money for families in need whether it be loosing a home to a fire or a student having a medical emergency, having medical expenses. Hermon High School is a great school.
I've been a student in Hermon since kindergarten and now I'm a Senior. I've enjoyed the support of teachers and their various teaching styles. They offer a variety of sports with coaches that proudly support their athletes. The school buildings are very nice and the district itself has a good reputation.
The Hermon school district provides plentiful opportunities for anyone willing to put in the work. I moved into this school in the seventh grade and have been pleased with the teachers, academia, and extracurriculars that I have taken place in. Hermon was rated the fastest growing town in Maine, and it is helping the school become extremely successful. The Hawk Battalion is the largest JROTC in New England and is one of the best programs offered here. I would recommend this school to anyone, but list it as four stars simply because it is hard to have high school be worth five stars.
I went through Hermon School Departments from K-12. I liked all of my educators and was challenged all the way through until my last years of High School. I would like to see some more courses offered for High School seniors.
While most of the teachers are very friendly- I feel as though I have not learned a lot for all of the years that I have attended Hermon. A lot of students hold others back- the ones who are ready to move onto the next chapter have to wait for the students who do not yet understand the chapter they have been working on. I do not agree with the "no child left behind" policy if a student doesn't deserve to graduate and they did not pass all of the classes required they should be held back.
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