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Hermitage School District Reviews

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Hermitage School District was great experience. The academics, arts, and athletics were awesome. The art program had plenty of opportunities and even created classes for students tat exceeded the classes provided.
We came from out of country and were greeted very well by the faculty, unfortunately my daughter did not have the same nice reception from the girls. We have never experienced the petty and nasty way the girls here treat each other.
The hermitage school district is surrounded by many other healthy competitive schools. The community comes together to support the schools very well. There is a lot of involvement in the school district from sports to theater and other arts.
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Cafeteria food is not very good. We need a decent salad bar with lots of topping offerings and different cheeses, meats, proteins and veggies. School spirit is very good and teachers are very helpful. It is a bit "cliquish" though and if you aren't in the "popular" crew you can easily get overlooked.
My experience at Hickory High was great. I was provided with many opportunities and tools to help progress my future. Although, the school placed too much emphasis on its sporting programs and faculty tended to favor select groups of students.
Hermitage is a great school for being a relatively smaller suburban school. Athletics, academics, and arts are widely recognized for being extraordinary. The only bad part about this school is the limited resources but that comes with going to a suburban school.
It is a good school for the most part. There are a lot of really good teachers, especially in the sciences and social studies, who know what they're talking about so you learn a lot about the subject you're taking.
I moved schools before my 7th grade year and I came to the Hermitage District and it was the best decision me parents and I could have made. I have been able to find a passion in music and art which I couldn't do at the private school I attended before. I love Hickory and everything about it.
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