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I have been in the Hermiston School District since I was in Kindergarten. Overall, it's a great school district with a lot of heart, that really focuses on students. The teachers, for the most part, are wonderful, and I can't wait to graduate.

I have a few concerns with some of the administration members, as they are sometimes very one student minded.
Hermiston School district is a very well rounded school. Sports, music, and academics are all thriving. I have learned a lot during my time here. Our facilities are fairly well made. The only problem is the community's unwillingness to fund a grant to build another high school. The slass sizes are growing rapidly.
I liked that we were aclose knit group. My class knew everyone in it. I would like to see some more culture appreciation and diversity appreciation. Also they did not prepare me for college.
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Hermiston offers tons of classes and has very nice faculty. They are very focused on sports and how good your grades are.
I have true admiration for our Hermiston School District. Everyone who works there truly does want to make a difference in your child's life. The community works closely with the district it is a true role model for the surrounding area.
Hermiston School district does a ton for out community. However there have been many poor decisions made by the district. They haven't totally screwed up the system, but poor decisions are still being made and are affecting the students.
The school district offered a diverse amount of activities and opportunities. I would like to see improvement in who they higher as teachers. They are lacking in getting credible teachers to teach a subject. Some teach subjects they didn't go to school to teach.
I enjoyed many elective classes that are offered. My love of science flourished here with many options to spread the interest of students. The teachers are kind and grade fairly, I have had no problems with any of them and help whenever needed. They are willing to become involved in their students' lives to advance them academically. The lunch has many options to choose and always has to offer something to even the pickiest eaters like myself. The students and their willing to learn is a disappointment to me. Little effort from a majority of students is produced even with the simplest tasks. With a bit of effort, this school can become the greatest. Go Bulldogs!
My experience here at Hermiston would be anything but average. I got bullied all throughout grade school, And throughout middle school. Now that I am in high school, I don't care about others and their mean words. I focus on school and getting my credits so i can Graduate. There are good teachers here, they help with any of your problems.
I have gone from Sunset Elementary to Sandstone Middle to Hermiston High and I have made my life long friends here. Choir has been a huge part of my high school career. What I would like to change is the parking at the high school. If you are running even a little late there are no parking. Staff shouldn't be able to park in our parking if we can't park in there's.
I love that in my school district, everyone is welcome. Teachers are willing to work with students when they need help, even if they don't have us in class. I have been given the wonderful opportunity to form a bond with many of my teachers throughout my school career. Another great thing about Hermiston School District is the support we get from our community. Members of our town are always striving to improve our town and school system. Having so many activities is also beneficial of our students. We have everything from Science Club, to FFA, to sports. It is wonderful being able to have these kinds of opportunities. Something I would like to see change is our high school's spirit. I would like to be able to see our student enthusiasm increase and create a more positive environment.
I like how the district payed for all seniors to take the SATs. It was an amazing opportunity, and I'm sure without that many people wouldn't have taken it. They are constantly involved in their students education. I would, however, like to see more LGBTQ awareness. They have not touched on the subject at all yet. I'm sure they will do it if there's an issue with a student, but I think they should do it before anything happens. Overall Hermiston School District is a great district to attend.
This school was amazing overall. The staff was very helpful about moving forward with my education. I have only gone to the Hermiston school district, since I was in kindergarten and I loved it. I enjoyed how wonderful my teachers were and I still keep close with a few of them. I am now in college but I will never forget my experience with this school district. I felt very comfortable with all the staff and I excelled in education with the teachers that I had. Each teacher that I had all wanted to be helpful and to change student's lives with the power of education and It was overall an amazing experience coming from someone who has been apart of this school district from the very beginning.
My experience so far has been fairly decent but I have been making memories throughout my high school career. What I do like is the activities and clubs they have available.
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