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Hermantown Public School District Reviews

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I’ve attended Hermantown Schools for my whole life. The community is amazing. My family has gone through two traumatic events, once when my uncle died and we adopted his two children, and once when my mom passed away. We were so supported and loved through everything. The teachers at Hermantown really care, both about the students and about what they are teaching. I’ve learned a ton in my classes and I feel very ready for college next year. I love Hermantown’s school spirit. Our sporting events are very well attended, and athletes are supportive of other more academic activities. Overall, it’s a fantastic school and I wouldn’t have wanted to grow up elsewhere.
In an attempt to find a school that offered more opportunities, I had an option between the Duluth area schools. To start my high school experience, I chose Hermantown HS. Entering a small, close-knit community as a freshman was a bit nerve wracking. I was very humbled as it was a bit of an uphill battle, having to take the initial criticism of being an outsider.I met my very best friends, who I eat lunch with every single day in the cafeteria of our brand new school, all while talking about college plans, the daily activities the administration has planned for us, or the extra-curriculars going on after school. The area we lack in is diversity, which is solely due to location issues, with a major lack of minorities in the Hermantown area. For what diversity we do have, we are incredibly inclusive with an LGBT club and strict anti-discrimination policies. HHS is an overall comfortable place to be, with all students, staff, and faculty striving to give everyone the best life possible.
The teachers are very supportive and are willing to spend time helping students understand and grasp concepts in class!
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Hermantown is a very welcoming community and school. The teachers are nice and do their best to help you understand the material. The education is at a good level, and the people are friendly.
The staff and community are extremely friendly and welcoming; any prospective students and families will have an incredible time here.
Big school with small school feel. Everyone knew almost everyone else in the school. Most were able to play sports of their choice as well as extracirricular activities.
Kids are very mean-- groups are formed and cliques happen. Sports are very important to this school which means last names are politic picky. If you are not sending your child there to be successful in a sport, then why are you sending your child there? To get bullied? To live a miserable highschool life? I do not recommend it whatsoever.
Hermantown was an awesome place to grow up, and I'm thankful for all the opportunities it opened up for me. The community made it possible for classes to get better with the new school opening last year. The teachers have always been awesome in my opinion. Really, all in all Hermantown was pretty top notch for me growing up, and I'm very happy to have been a Hawk
I was a student at Hermantown High school. During my time there I had an amazing experience. I was a transfer student from another High School in the area and upon arrival to Hermantown I was immediately welcomed into the community. The teachers were great! They were very helpful and understanding when I needed help, and they would spend the time walking me through the questions I had to get to the right answer. From academics to sports to the schools community Hermantown High School is an all around excellent School to have been a part of!
Hermantown is a very student focused learning environment. The teachers want to see every student succeed and move on to bigger things. The school also take a lot of pride in their extracurricular activities and their athletic programs. Overall, it is a wonderful community to be part of.
Hermantown is a decent school district, notable for its consistently great sports teams and new building. The teachers are great with students, the area is safe and the culture is fantastic. If you're looking for a diverse school, however, look elsewhere: being located in northern Minnesota translates to demographics that are as white as a pastry.
Will attending Hermantown Senior High I enjoyed the hands on learning I received. Teacher put the extra time in to help you succeed.
I think Hermantown is a great school district. I feel safe and comfortable when I go to school. The school district is pretty small compared to the neighboring schools, which is nice. I have grown up with the same kids throughout the years, and its nice to have friends from the start. Our school is one big community and I feel we all support each other. If I could change one thing, I would offer more clubs, rather than more sports. I feel sports take priority at our school. Some sports are more important than others too. But overall, I would not want to attend any other school district. Hermantown is a great place.
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