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It is a wonderful and safe environment that encourages individuality and respect for students. It also has a personal touch with the smaller classes, knowing the teachers genuinely love and care for you and your well being.
I have attended Heritage Academy for six years and believe it to be a great school. Every classroom creates a friendly environment where students can learn and grow in a variety of areas including academically and socially. Teachers encourage and aid their students in striving to reach their highest potential. I am grateful this school offers honors, dual enrollment, and AP classes. This provides me and other students an opportunity to take college equivalent classes and earn college credit. In addition, Heritage Academy prepares scholars for college. With the help of my college counselor and teachers, I feel ready to apply for and attend college. Even though Heritage lacks in student and faculty numbers, this school is exemplary.
Heritage Academy is an amazing school that provides scholars with an opportunity to prepare themselves for college. This school distributes challenging academics that test our knowledge. It is very beneficial to have two on-campus college representatives that guide graduating seniors to their path to college. These representatives willingly take students one-on-one and answer any questions about colleges, grants, scholarships, etc. In addition, they provide suggestions that can really assist a scholars decision when applying for college.
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Heritage Academy is not like any other school. I enjoy the smaller class sizes because it leads to more time for discussion sessions. I also enjoy attending this school because everything we learn is based off of what our Founding Father’s did, whether it’s in the wars or during the writing of the Constitution.
Heritage Academy is a unique school that maintains an uplifting environment. It has a strong focus on our founding fathers which instills morals & strength in it’s students. This school also greatly supports fine arts which helps unify the student body while also allowing the students to express themselves as individuals. The faculty is very supportive to the students as well.
Overall my experience at Heritage Academy has been pretty good. However, with the new administration, we have come upon a few rough parts. However, it is a very good academic school and it has no school on Friday's .
I took the 7th grade test to get into the school. I didn't pass the test until my Freshman Year. They school has an outstanding program that lets scholars who are kind of like me or who have a worse degree of problems related to testing. I was able to have a class all four years that allowed me to get the extra help that I needed to pass my classes. In that time I was still barely passing but that class help me improve my grades. My 11 grade year I passed with a 4.0. This School help me advance in ways I never thought possible. The teachers where so nice and and always were extensively helpful, they were even generous and stayed after school and or come early. Though there are few things I would change I would change the schools testing. I missed out on all of the fun 7-8 grade activity's.
Amazing school with morals and ethics. Their primary focus is on education and because of this it gave me a jump start in college. They set me up for success.
I loved Heritage! It felt like a real home, with teachers who cared and knew their stuff. It was a close, friendly environment. I learned a lot there, too. I felt really safe and happy, and I was able to find friends in every class.
Heritage Academy is an excellent college prep school. The public charter school has a higher standard not only for it's students, but for the teachers as well. Due to it's small size, communicating and receiving extra tutoring with your teachers is easy. Over there, your mentors strive to see you succeed.

I've attended a public school near my neighborhood and the contrast between that and Heritage Academy is astounding. My personal experience at Heritage is going fantastic. Though I am pushed harder, I know I will be ready for college. I've made the right friends and have been put on track for excellence.
Heritage Academy has strong teachers and dedicated students with a conservative mindset. School core values are important. They have very limited technology resources but do a great job with what they have preparing students academically for college. They have a new principal who is getting the school more up to speed with educational technology.
I liked that Heritage Academy taught core principles about the Constitution, which is not taught in very many U.S. schools anymore. I can't think of anything that I would change.
We have been at Heritage from the beginning. Our scholars have had many opportunities academically and socially. The extra-curricular activities, especially in the Arts and Sports departments have helped our kids have a fun, balanced and even challenging experience. My only wish is that our son who started as a freshmen will get to graduate this year in our own facility. Crossing my fingers that our gym/auditorium will be built this year. If not the school is worth waiting for it to be built. Love Heritage!
Heritage although a good school, could change a lot. They say that they are a very welcoming school however I have been discriminated by teachers and fellow students for who I am. They are way too strict and need to find better teachers who actually know what they're teaching.
Heritage Academy was probably the best school I've ever been too. Every one there is very, very nice. The program is fantastic and there are lots of opportunities to be involved in a little bit of everything. It's a smaller school, so there's less competition within the school to try and get on a team, in a play, etc. They teach values and morals along with other scholarly subjects. The teachers are great, the students are great, the programs are great, and the overall experience is great!!
It all started in the 6th grade, a couple of my buddies were talking about junior high and because I was young, I wanted to go where my friends were going. So we were introduced and I was sent on my path to Heritage Academy. As a naiive little "sevie" (seventh grader) I was given an education that expanded my brain and taught me Latin, mathematics at an advanced level, science including the interactions of reptiles, and history emphasized on the American Founding Fathers. Since then, as achedemic classes have grown to deeper levels, I feel as though I have a better education. Most of the "general" classes at Heritage are a level "Honors" at a public high school. Heritage is a place where one can grow and learn in a peaceful untoxicated equal environment. I have loved every aspect of it.
I love this school. So many people come from so many public schools to escape all the bullying and bad environments and find their place here. Local colleges and businesses love the student body because they are known for being kind, studious, and friendly. The choir program is incredible.
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Heritage Academy is wonderful environment. The academics are fantastic as well as the students. Everyone is friends there and I couldn't ask for a better high school experience.
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