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Henry Ford Academy: School for Creative Studies (Psad) Reviews

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Throughout the years I have been going there it seems like the school is going down hill. Every since the good teachers left the school it has been getting worse. We had a Geometry teacher who would cuss kids out and call them stupid. She also would leave our class alone for a long period of time. I feel lile the principal should have reviewed her profile more closely. And we had an art teacher who is white and called one of the students a nigger. Also there was this other teacher who would argue with students and cuss at them. I want them to change how the lunches are because most of the time the food is undercooked, cooked to long, or has way to much seasoning on it and that isnt healthy for students.
I have been at Henry Ford Academy School For Creative Studies for 7 years, and in those 7 years I have grown to be a better person. I have not only grown to be a better me but I have grown academically and physically, mentally in those years. I would recommend this school to anybody that loves art and putting in there style of the art field and passion.
I mostly liked everything about the school. I have spent 4 years here and during those 4 years I have received a great education. Since it’s Henry Ford Academy is an art school you will see lots of things being done with art involved which is one of the things I liked.
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Back when I went to this school durnig my 8th and 9th grade years I had a marvalus time. The Classes I was in we great and the teachers who tought them did the job fantasticly. This school in my opinoin was the closest to perfect a school could get, but every great thing have an ugly side. Well for starters the students at time could be a bit unruley. For example back in my ninthe grade year near the middle of the year it seemed like a fight broke out almost every other week, also some teachers had trouble keeping their students in line. For example once again in my ninthe grade year the students would walk out of the room without permission, they would do as they please and on occasion they would verbaly disrespect the teachers. Along side that the teachers would sometimes exspect to much from the students. But other than that the school is just fine as it is there is nothing i'd change about it other than what I just talked about.
I started Henry Ford Academy School for Creative Studies in the 6th grade and what like was that the teachers were more into the students and there work ethinic. The school was much safer and well kept in order in the middle school years but as far as high school years it has made a 360 turn. I would like to see teachers actually caring about students future careers and also being a listening ear as well if they can't go to there parents for anything regarding home or school lifestyle.
The practicum program I attended this year with my school was awesome. My school gave me a chance to work in any field that I wanted to study. The program was basically like a internship.
My high school experience has been full of obstacles, achievements, and remarkable moments I will always remember. High school is sometimes considered to be a very boring and dragging four years of school. Instead, for me, it was the total opposite. Even with all the mischief I found myself in, my high school years have been everything I wanted them to be. I loved every moment being a high school student. I almost wish I could go back and start high school all over again. In all honesty, i wouldn't change anything.
I have been attending HFA:SCS since 2012. The school tends to change staff members often. There has been 2 principals since 2012. Within the years of 2015-2017 HFA:SCS has lost more than 1 teacher. The school is very lenient and is not as focused on art as it should be. Then the diversity is very low.
I like some of the teachers when they are there unless they quit. They need to hire more teachers also improve on their activities they have to offer their students that attend the school.
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