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Henry County Schools allow students a chance to grow in academics as well as a person. Many opportunities are provided through the school system.
They truly challenge their students and provide an array of opportunities for those within the system.
Henry County schools are paving the way for blended learning to be normalized in other areas and that has been an amazing thing to be a part of. Overall, my public school experience has been average, but I have attended one of the worst schools and one of the best schools in the county and from personal experience, funds are not evenly distributed among all of the schools. The schools on the lower side of average have needed repairs and maintenance for years, while the schools in better areas are having renovations done consistently. These schools also have more money going into their clubs and organizations, further separating them from the rest and earning the title of "elite". In addition to this, there is no focus anywhere in the county on preparing students for college. Counselors never see their students, and when they do they have nothing useful to provide.
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Henry County schools are kind of interesting because the elementary schools usually start up a good foundation for children, but then they are sent off to middle and high school and the education just declines rapidly. Henry County Schools are safe and the majority of the schools do have school spirit, but they could improve in the education department.
I like the students involvement in the school because it takes away your focus on things that need to change. I feel like students should be able to leave school during lunch and have 1 hour lunch because personally i am a vegetarian and there are hardly any food options for me to choose from the only thing i am able to eat is a salad with nothing on it and thats a problem i feel as though it would be beneficial if we had more variety or just to be able to go outside everyday and breathe fresh air. I feel lile putting money towards a new gym is pointless the money should go towards something more useful.
Henry County Schools is different from most school districts. It has different amounts of diversity in each school that you head to.
I love the Dual Enrollment is a program that provides funding for students at eligible high schools that are enrolled to take approved college-level coursework for credit towards both high school and college graduation requirements.
I will have my Pharmacy Technology degree and graduate from high school at the same time.
We’ve had a great experience at Henry County Schools. We went from middle school now the high school and it’s really awesome. The faculty and staff are great and the students really work hard to achieve their goals. They have frequent parent meetings updating us about about what’s going on at the school and in the community. I really like that they offer so many clubs and sports for the students to get involved in. I think that really helps the kids to focus and to stay on track.
As a former teacher of a student that transferred to this county. Which was due her father job change. When speaking to the parents the fit for her was so extremely life changing. There is so much new curriculum that advanced her as a Ex-Ed student. I am so very proud when I hear progress like this. These students have so much potential. I feel blessed to have been apart of her growth.
Henry County Schools are one of the best school districts in Georgia and I am proud to say that I went to school and graduated from here. The education is phenomoinal and the teachers are well rounded with the perfect teaching styles.
Coming from Clayton County, Ga to Henry County, Ga, I noticed a big difference between the two school systems. My grades improved, my teachers were genuine, and the enviromment overall was satisfying.
One thing that I loved about Henry county schools was all the breaks. They are also very involved in the student lives sending out reminders or updates about what is going on around them.
Henry county is very underrated is sports and a lot of talent has come out this county. With that being said I really enjoyed being apart of this school district. It had a substantial balance of sports and academics, which shows as you can see plenty of athletes go
D1 while sustaining a great gpa.
I like That Henry county schools are concerned about their students education and the percentage of how many students graduate and move on to college . I would like to see better school plans for example , not making student pay to get in school pep rally’s.
Henry Schools is one of those places that looks good on paper and pictures but it’s the complete opposite
My overall experience with the henry county school system has been ok. i didn't really like the public schools they had to offer. the public schools were very crowded which would make it harder for students to learn in their classrooms. although i have had a bad experience with the public schools the private schools were great. I have attended community Christian school since fifth grade and i have their teaching to be excellent. there school is very nice. the classroom sizes are also very small so if i need to ask my teacher questions i can. I can also get extra help before and after school getting one on one help with anything i don't understand
At the age of 13, I transferred from Clayton County into Henry County. I saw an immediate difference as soon as I transferred. I have enjoyed the five years that I have had here in the Henry County school system. I will be graduating from a Henry County school.
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I loved the expirence so much it prepared me both academic and life wise an amazing system !!! I also enjoyed the demographics as well as the diversity it is a pleasure to be able to attend a Henry county school !
My overall academic experience was good. There were teachers who took an interest in their students and they care.
Henry county school has pretty good education having challenging classes that really show you how college is like. I enjoy the school attitude about education and how lot of people are involve in different things. This help better interconnecting our community. I really enjoy it here but the food can be improve but that about my really my only complaint.
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