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I enjoyed my Experience grwoing up in the henry county school system. Most of the teachers are great and the administration is good. The facilities are all good and even being renovated now which is great.
Henry County High School is a wonderful school to attend. There are various opportunities for each and every student no matter which field of study they would like to go into. The past four years of attending Henry County High School the teachers have prepared us for college and career ready positions. The school offers many diverse clubs and organizations; however, students academics always come first. The teacher and faculty never fail to support and protect its students. Henry County High School is everything a student need in order to be prepared for life.
Th school system itself is pretty great, but the teachers and staff are failing to do their job properly. There is a lot of racial problems as well as just plain bullying. The food is horrible and right now the school is under construction due to harmful diseases, so the school is pretty nasty and tore up.
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Henry County High School is an overall good school. They offer classes for all types of students with different ways of learning. They also try to offer clubs or extra curricular activities for all types of students. However, they do lack in supporting all school sports. They do not equally support all of their sports in other words. They could also work on disciplining their athletes more when they get in trouble.
i like the nice vibe i get at this high school and i like how the students are nice to me. but one thing i dont like about this place is the dress code. seriously me being a tall teenage girl and having to get shorts that are three inches to the knee is impossible. but besides that a great place to attend!
My school system is one of the best when it comes to preparing students for college. I, personally, believe that my school system, Henry County School System, pushes students in the college pathway more than the career ready pathway. Attention is focused on college prepreparedness and getting students graduated rather than opening the horizon for other students who do not see themselves attending college in the future. I hope that students realize that everyone is different, and that everyone will take their own path in life after high school. The school system I attend needs to realize this; in fact, my school system should invite more diversity. Diversity is important, but it is not recognized in the Henry County School System.
I loved the opportunities provide and the individual support to reach my goals. I was able to take self directed courses that followed my pathway. I was encouraged to run for state officer of FBLA and won! The community support for competitive events in FBLA enabled me to connect with leaders to ensure my project was accurate.
Henry County is a good high school. The teachers and staff are determined to help you succeed whether you’re going to college or to a career job. There are many programs that link with jobs in Henry County to help students be prepared for their job after high school. Most of the teachers try very hard to help you understand the material and have many different ways to teach the material. This school also helps students prepare for the ACT by grouping students in certain home rooms that are taught by a teacher of their lowest subscore. If a student’s lowest subscore was English, he/she would be placed in a homeroom of a English teacher to practice and study the material before their next test date.
My experience at Henry County High School has so far been excellent! The teachers and administration truly care about each student’s success. They offer several after-school activities and clubs and even have ACT test prep courses. They also provide several Advanced Placement courses and work with Jackson State Community College to provide actual college classes.
So Far my experience has been great I am about to wrap up 10th grade and ready for 11th grade. I hope it's as amazing as this year was.
My personal experience at Henry County High School has not been as diverse as I would have liked it to be. Some of the teachers I encountered were helpful, and others not as enthusiastic as I expected. I can honestly say that for the most part, I feel I have learned to do most of the work on my own, and that is what I feel will be most helpful when I go off to college. I feel I would have liked to be challenged more, and would have enjoyed more hands-on projects with my teachers and fellow classmates. Overall, I am happy to be a senior and pushing myself to a challenging future.
Academics are above average considering all of the dual enrollment and advanced placement courses that are available. These courses will help prepare for college and having some extra credits from the start. Wish conflicts were handled differently and better.
Henry County High School is very well organized. The teachers and school administrators make announcements throughout the day to keep students informed with extra curricular activities. I feel that the school is very well prepared for anything. The drills we have at school are very safe. Every teacher is given and emergency folder and will follow the procedure if something were to occur. As a student who was involved in sports I enjoyed the school encouraging other students to be active in the school environment.
I have always attended a Henry County public school. My experience here has been astounding, and I'm grateful that I've been blessed with being able to attend all grades from k-12 in this school system. Being able to grow up with the same people for 13 years is amazing and really makes the school environment feel like home. I love Henry County and everyone in it.
I liked the way the teachers taught and did a teaching style to fit the students needs. I think bullying policies need to be changed
It is a very close minded school. Phone policies are very strict for no reason. Dress code is absurd.
In my time at Henry County High School I havd exceeded the goals I placed for myself. The teachers, staff, and other students have pushed me to work harder. We have a pretty good learning environment and it really helps. Our administrators really focus on academics and make that their main priority, but sports,extracurricular, and cocurricular activities are still greatly recognized. There is a huge support from the admins to clubs, sports, and arts programs.
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This year will be my 4th year in the Henry county school system and it seems like it gets better in some spots, but worse in others.
I have been in the school system k-12. Our class was one of the biggest one so our teachers had to move up a grade with us. All the teachers were very patient. I have played baseball since I have been 4 or 5 and plan on going to college to pursue playing. The sports program is excellent. I would not change a thing.. Henry County is a great small
The Henry county school system is very helpful, and treats people of all culture with equal respect. The academic level at this system is one of the best in the state and it keeps growing. The teachers and faculty members are all very hardworking and supportive.
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