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Henry County Public Schools is a uniquely diverse school system, where I have been enrolled in my whole school career. The teachers are extremely respectful and teach you course content in a timely manner. Although this is overall a great school system, it seems as if the staff and teachers treat the students like we are little kids and do not completely challenge us as we should be challenged. I believe we need to be faced with mini obstacles that will prepare us for real world experiences and college assessments.
The schools are just average. We could use some upgrades or new schools altogether.Very hard to get the schedule you want. Do not sign up for the "warrior Tech program in high school if you want to go to college.
I was always the shy, unsocial kid in school and it didn't do me any good. But I'm a senior now and it feels amazing. I've came out of my shell. I've gotten to know people. I think Henry County Public Schools is amazing. All of the elementary schools I have visted are spectacular. The middle schools are the best and the high schools are the best, especially Bassett. That's definitely my second home. 💜 I'm so going to miss it. The faculty and administration are just so kind hearted and welcoming.
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I enjoyed my time at Henry County Public Schools. I experienced education in these schools from Primary School through High School. I've seen some amazing things and some awful things. Without any doubt, these schools shaped me and who I am as a person. Other than the occasional bad apple, my teachers were amazing. They had a true passion to teach and aimed daily to make an impact on our lives. The administration was rough and strict but also effective. To this day, I rely on experiences within the walls of these schools to help give me wisdom and guidance. I would be proud to send my kids to a Henry County Public School.
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