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I loved the fact that they gave us computers in high school and that there were lots of after school projects funded.
Diversity makes my school great. Teachers are compassionate, supportive and go above and beyond the call of duty. As a vegetarian, the only complaint I have are the food options. That being said, because I pack my lunch it is an easy fix. Glen Allen High School is an excellent high school and Henrico County produces many impressive scholars.
I had some very amazing teachers in the HCPS school system they would do anything and everything to make sure I made the grades and grauduated. They weren’t just teachers they were more. I also had teachers who seemed to be worn out but in the end I’m happy I was in the district. I made some amazon memories.
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I went to Henrico County Public Schools for elementary, middle, and high school. I enjoyed my time in Henrico County Schools and I believe it is a great district for developing minds. I'd like to see a higher emphasis on more rigorous and interesting classes and curricula for students to be more engaged across the county.
As a student in HCPS for 14 years I have fallen in love and become a part of this school district over the years. I love the culture but I need the diversity in the schools to increase and end the segregation of African Americans into poor schools and hire better teachers for said schools.
I attended Highland Springs High School it was a great overall school environment. Teachers there that help you succeed, tutoring programs for anyone that needs help, and also great community support and involvement. A few things that could be improved could be the school lunches, less tardy sweeping, and more awarding of the students: that could increase the graduation percentages and encourage students to continue learning at an higher education facility.
My experience attending a school in Henrico County has been overall very good. The teachers and staff are very helpful and caring with your future goals and dreams.
Henrico County Schools made a good education attainable by maintaining the student body's access to any resources required for a career or continued education. If you ask around for help and advice, you're sure to find what you need.
I loved the teaching experience more than Richmond because teachers actually took time out to help each individual student. The whole environment was such a big change.
I am a graduating senior and I have had a great experience. Henrico County have some of the best teachers in the state and they keep parents in the loop of school announcements.
I feel the district doesn’t care enough about the immigrants who come to the US. They need to better train teachers to be able to help the kids who can’t speak English. They shouldn’t have to feel so alone.
Honestly, this is one of the best counties I have ever been to. Not only do we have specialty centers helping students to specialize to their careers early on in high school, but we also have tech centers. Students are able to specialize in certain trades within the tech centers to get a head start on the working path. Furthermore, they have so many opportunities for students to help them to succeed, even past college when the student is not really their responsibility anymore. They care a lot about their students and it is so honorable.
I loved my experience in high school and all the staff. The teachers were wonderful and I was always greeted at the door and with a smile. Teachers knew me by name and I felt as if I got individualized attention and instruction.
Henrico County Public Schools offered high quality educational programs. It's diverse and creates an awesome environment for students across the whole county.
I feel we have excellent teachers that give their all, they take time to get to know you and do all they can to help you to succeed. they really care about you and your future.
The curriculum is vigorous, so it really helps prepare for college. That's if you take it very seriously. It's a highly rated school district in the first place. We have more work to do than other school districts, so it is kind of hard for students who transfer from Richmond Public Schools.
Great school especially for football and also great learning environment. However the school could use a remodel, carpets are a couple of decades old and also the roof is falling which isn't a good thing at all.
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I like Henrico County Schools because my teachers take their time with me and they really care about their students.
Henrico County is great honestly. The teachers are very good with helping you out. We are all in this together. Only thing i’d like to see changed is the school’s apparences.
HCPS is a good county to attend school. I like having the computers to use on a daily basis. It has been a great help in learning how to navigate the internet but at the same time tempting to do other things on it that waste my time. A majority of the teachers I've had are good and want to see me do well. I wish they would work more with me and assist me more when I don't understand certain content.
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