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I've been in Henrico County for all of my academic years, and honestly my experience here have been pretty good. I've been able to experience a bit of everything when it comes to classes that are offered and clubs and activities that are offered as well.
Henrico County Public Schools has been very good at keeping its students and parents informed in what was going on.
I changed school districts in my 11th grade. I entered into the IB program to challenge myself. My experience is fair.
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My overall experience with Henrico County is excellent. I moved to Virginia 5 years ago which can be overwhelming for a Hispanic teenage girl. Henrico County helped me get connected socially and academically. Our school district does a wonderful job offering many ways to get connected within your school, community and within your career interest. I enjoy all the leadership opportunities I have here in Henrico and am looking forward to continuing these moving into my college years.
I enjoy going to Henrico County Public Schools, as I have been given many opportunities to succeed. Every student here is set in the direction of success. Though this is the case, many of the schools are quite segregated; being that the kids on the east end are treated differently and not provided the same amenities as students on the west. Having experienced both sides of the county I have noticed a large difference in the standards of learning for each side of the county. The Henrico County School system is making money off of being biased towards their students depending on which side of town they are from. This imbalance is creating uneven standards for learning. Which is also causing students, that were not born on the right side of the line, to fail because they are not held to the same standards. I do honestly believe that a change needs to be made by administrators because it is creating an imbalance of power for students like myself and many others to be in.
HCPS offers so many educational choices from middle school IB to high school specialty centers, honors, and AP courses.
Henrico County Public Schools is an overall very good and supportive school district and I have enjoyed my time here!
Initially my experiences were not that good. I like the pride that the students put behind its sports programs. If I could change anything, it would be that I wish more of the teachers took a greater interest in your academics.
Henrico County is amazing. They have great schools and Andy Jenks is the best because he cancels schools for snow days we probably should not get. The only weird thing is that their districting for schools are weird, especially with the re-districting of middle schools.
I think that Henrico County Public Schools are okay. I have had very good opportunities with my education.
While I am grateful for all the opportunities and resources afforded to me while I attended Deep Run High School, due to my experiences at Moody Middle School and at Maggie Walker Governor's School from which I transferred to Deep Run, I noticed a severe disparity in resources between west end Henrico high schools and east end high schools. The facilities at east end high schools were significantly of lower quality in areas where the income levels were lower, which I witnessed from visiting other schools to see friends or participate in sports.
Deep Run's teachers also seemed very invested in hand-holding the students, as if they were too afraid to let them think critically or figure things out on their own. The attitude of AP and Honors teachers that I had conveyed to me that they were more concerned with making sure everyone passed and didn't give the teachers any trouble as opposed to actually teaching them something.
Henrico County Public Schools, from the West End perspective, is very clean cut and offers a good education for students. College preparedness is very good with multiple AP classes offered to students and the level of coursework at the college prep level helps students understand materials given to them at a more accommodating pace. The Henrico School System is very safe and takes many precautions to ensure the safety of the staff and students. Sports offered in Henrico are well funded and there are plenty opportunities to be involved with Henrico athletics. One complaint about Henrico County is that arts and arts-related programs are poorly or not funded at all. The arts programs in Henrico do fairly well to not receive an appropriate amount of funding.
All the schools in the district have exceptional educators, curriculum, extracurriculars, and communities.
I have enjoyed most of my almost 13 years of Henrico county schooling experience. I was blessed to live in the West End of Henrico as my school had a great arts program and many leadership opportunities through various clubs. The facilities were also great as my high school was recently built and my elementary school was renovated recently before I began attending. . I have had a great experience in Henrico county because I live in the West End. The East End schools do not have nearly the amount of funding and opportunities as the West End schools. My experience has been great, but the newer families moving in should understand the overcrowding problems that have recently budded as well as the great difference between East End and West End Henrico.
Gym classes are highly unsupervised in Henrico. This should change as students have many bad experiences in this unsupervised environment.
My experience was great! During my years in Henrico County Schools I was able to make new friends and grow into the young adult I am today.
Henrico County Public Schools has become more focused on testing and the ability of a student to test rather than the knowledge and growth a student needs in order to improve themselves and the world around them to move forward as a society. There are many teachers under-qualified and the teachers that improve students and actually care for them are stuck at a school for years wasting away their abilities to really help students improve. The county needs to re-evaluate who is willing to help students improve and who is not.
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I have really enjoyed my time at Freeman! The Leadership Center is an amazing academic opportunity and I recommend it to anyone with a mind for questions. I think Freeman could work on embracing the diversity of the school- it is a privilege, but is sometimes ignored.
One of the best county for schools. The teachers are really helpful and they want you to succeed, the counselors will help you with any questions that you have and the environment of the school is really good.
I love the organization of Henrico County Public Schools. They really have great communication between the parents. I really like how they use email, print, phone and the website to relay information. Communication is key to any relationship and I take my child’s education seriously. Not only do they keep you informed of what’s going on at your child’s school but also what is going on in the district as a whole as well as things that may benefit you in the community. I also like that my child is receiving a well-rounded education. I think Henrico was a good move for my family.
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