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I loved the teaching experience more than Richmond because teachers actually took time out to help each individual student. The whole environment was such a big change.
I am a graduating senior and I have had a great experience. Henrico County have some of the best teachers in the state and they keep parents in the loop of school announcements.
I feel the district doesn’t care enough about the immigrants who come to the US. They need to better train teachers to be able to help the kids who can’t speak English. They shouldn’t have to feel so alone.
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Honestly, this is one of the best counties I have ever been to. Not only do we have specialty centers helping students to specialize to their careers early on in high school, but we also have tech centers. Students are able to specialize in certain trades within the tech centers to get a head start on the working path. Furthermore, they have so many opportunities for students to help them to succeed, even past college when the student is not really their responsibility anymore. They care a lot about their students and it is so honorable.
I loved my experience in high school and all the staff. The teachers were wonderful and I was always greeted at the door and with a smile. Teachers knew me by name and I felt as if I got individualized attention and instruction.
Henrico County Public Schools offered high quality educational programs. It's diverse and creates an awesome environment for students across the whole county.
I feel we have excellent teachers that give their all, they take time to get to know you and do all they can to help you to succeed. they really care about you and your future.
The curriculum is vigorous, so it really helps prepare for college. That's if you take it very seriously. It's a highly rated school district in the first place. We have more work to do than other school districts, so it is kind of hard for students who transfer from Richmond Public Schools.
Great school especially for football and also great learning environment. However the school could use a remodel, carpets are a couple of decades old and also the roof is falling which isn't a good thing at all.
I like Henrico County Schools because my teachers take their time with me and they really care about their students.
Henrico County is great honestly. The teachers are very good with helping you out. We are all in this together. Only thing i’d like to see changed is the school’s apparences.
HCPS is a good county to attend school. I like having the computers to use on a daily basis. It has been a great help in learning how to navigate the internet but at the same time tempting to do other things on it that waste my time. A majority of the teachers I've had are good and want to see me do well. I wish they would work more with me and assist me more when I don't understand certain content.
Technology available to students is great.
The district needs more diversity and inclusion of all students across the county. Students feel that there is a discrepancy of what is available to students on one side of the county compared to the other side.
I have attended Henrico Cpunty Publics schools my whole educational experience. You have great teachers and staff who look out for the students. Some changes I would love to see is the closing of the gap between the West End schools and the East End schools. Same county but all the funds are not equally distributed.
I've been in Henrico County for all of my academic years, and honestly my experience here have been pretty good. I've been able to experience a bit of everything when it comes to classes that are offered and clubs and activities that are offered as well.
Henrico County Public Schools has been very good at keeping its students and parents informed in what was going on.
I changed school districts in my 11th grade. I entered into the IB program to challenge myself. My experience is fair.
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My overall experience with Henrico County is excellent. I moved to Virginia 5 years ago which can be overwhelming for a Hispanic teenage girl. Henrico County helped me get connected socially and academically. Our school district does a wonderful job offering many ways to get connected within your school, community and within your career interest. I enjoy all the leadership opportunities I have here in Henrico and am looking forward to continuing these moving into my college years.
I enjoy going to Henrico County Public Schools, as I have been given many opportunities to succeed. Every student here is set in the direction of success. Though this is the case, many of the schools are quite segregated; being that the kids on the east end are treated differently and not provided the same amenities as students on the west. Having experienced both sides of the county I have noticed a large difference in the standards of learning for each side of the county. The Henrico County School system is making money off of being biased towards their students depending on which side of town they are from. This imbalance is creating uneven standards for learning. Which is also causing students, that were not born on the right side of the line, to fail because they are not held to the same standards. I do honestly believe that a change needs to be made by administrators because it is creating an imbalance of power for students like myself and many others to be in.
HCPS offers so many educational choices from middle school IB to high school specialty centers, honors, and AP courses.
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