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Since kindergarten, I've been attending Henrico County Public Schools. I truly believe that I owe my friendships and dedication to the amazing teachers and staffs I've grown up admiring while living in Henrico. In regards to the physical aspect, all three of the public schools I've attended were in amazing shape and were very nice learning spaces to comfortably adjust to. As for my true education and social ability, I really believe that I've broken out of my shell while growing up in my schools. I've had friendships that have last from elementary school until now, which is rare when put into perspective. I've also grown exponentially as a student. Although the material is tough, my high school teachers at Glen Allen have really been supportive and always available to help students, like myself. The spirit of Henrico County Public Schools is one that is very privileged to have such amazing people working within it all to benefit childrens' futures.
I have had a great experience in Henrico County Public Schools. They have dedicated to transforming and educating students. They try their best to provide the students with what they have. Henrico County has various programs for all types of students from Center for the Arts, International Baccalaureate, etc. There are great teacher who dedicated to helping students. They help provide students who do not have money with money to pay for things they need. Henrico County has very diverse school on the east end, but not so much on the west end. The security is tight and makes sure all students are safe. Henrico County is very active and many students go to Ivy League schools.
From my experience with Henrico County Public Schools, I believe that it is a well organized education system. On my academic journey, I have worked with varying skilled teachers, and I have learned my learning capabilities from them. Overall, I approve of the school system, and I believe that in most cases that everyone is relatively safe and friendly to one another.
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I loved the diversity at Henrico Public Schools. I hope that more school get renovated and can included better technological learning resources.
I would like to see some upgrades to the facilities in the county. Many of the schools have not been upgraded for decades and this needs to change!
The schools in Henrico County are known for being great schools and for good reason. The teachers really care about the students and, really try to get the family involved in students school career.
Henrico had a great range of schools with all sorts of people. There was a good amount of diversity, great sporting events, good college preparation and overall a good environment. They provide a lot for their students such as laptops, college preparation and so much more. There was always a variety of clubs to join. Some schools are obviously better than other but each is treated the same.
There are great schools in this county and the schools in Henrico public schools are very diverse and the school academic and teachers are very good.
I have been in Henrico County Public Schools since Elementary school. I am now in high school. The teachers are great at teaching and show that they want to help you. The rules that are made aren’t too strict. The students follow these rules and listen to the teachers. I also like the programs that are in the schools.
Heaneico County School district is one of the best in Richmond. Our resources are abundant compared to some of our sister districts. We as students are challenged to think outside of what we know. The diversity allows for new ideas to be shared amongst us.
I have only been a part of the Henrico County Public Schools for three years, but during my duration of these years I have never felt more equipped for college. Deep Run, specifically, prepares me for college by challenging me in my academics daily. By giving me this challenge, I will be prepared to be sent off to college with studying tools and methods in order to get the grades I'll work so hard for.
The teachers at Henrico County Public Schools are very well trained and educated about their subject for the most part. My school building is also very nice. But, the atmosphere and student body are terrible and do not reflect the values outlined in their mission statement.
I loved the fact that they gave us computers in high school and that there were lots of after school projects funded.
Diversity makes my school great. Teachers are compassionate, supportive and go above and beyond the call of duty. As a vegetarian, the only complaint I have are the food options. That being said, because I pack my lunch it is an easy fix. Glen Allen High School is an excellent high school and Henrico County produces many impressive scholars.
I had some very amazing teachers in the HCPS school system they would do anything and everything to make sure I made the grades and grauduated. They weren’t just teachers they were more. I also had teachers who seemed to be worn out but in the end I’m happy I was in the district. I made some amazon memories.
I went to Henrico County Public Schools for elementary, middle, and high school. I enjoyed my time in Henrico County Schools and I believe it is a great district for developing minds. I'd like to see a higher emphasis on more rigorous and interesting classes and curricula for students to be more engaged across the county.
As a student in HCPS for 14 years I have fallen in love and become a part of this school district over the years. I love the culture but I need the diversity in the schools to increase and end the segregation of African Americans into poor schools and hire better teachers for said schools.
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I attended Highland Springs High School it was a great overall school environment. Teachers there that help you succeed, tutoring programs for anyone that needs help, and also great community support and involvement. A few things that could be improved could be the school lunches, less tardy sweeping, and more awarding of the students: that could increase the graduation percentages and encourage students to continue learning at an higher education facility.
My experience attending a school in Henrico County has been overall very good. The teachers and staff are very helpful and caring with your future goals and dreams.
Henrico County Schools made a good education attainable by maintaining the student body's access to any resources required for a career or continued education. If you ask around for help and advice, you're sure to find what you need.
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