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I have been in the Hendry School System for many years and although the academics are up to par the teachers aren't the best because they aren't paid enough and the students can be ruly. Hendry School System is strong in diversity, college readiness and sports because that is the center of students and their interests.
I like Hendry County Schools because of smaller class sizes. I am able to get more one on help if needed from teachers and administrators. Bigger isn't always better when it comes to school environment.
The teachers are absolutely amazing but the food could be better. I love all my classes and if I ever need more intense clarification then my teachers are always there to help one on one.
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Something that I've always liked about Hendry County schools is that the teachers like to interact with the students one on one They like to get to know what the student already knows and what they have yet to know. Another thing that I like is that the teachers will take the time to answer any questions that you may have regarding what she taught that day or what she taught the day before. The teachers at Hendry County have a lot of patience with the students and they will do anything to make sure that they know what is going on in class at all times. The Principle as well, he likes to make sure that everything is going well with the teachers and also with the students. He makes sure that no student is left behind when it comes to learning.
I feel like Hendry County schools are academically lacking and behind other schools. I would like to see better administration that provides equal opportunity to all the students.
I've been in the Hendry County School system since i was four years old and have very much enjoyed my education. I attended public schools until 5th grade, and transferred to the Christian School in 6th grade. It was a big change, but it suited me well. I went from being in a class of near thirty to a class of closer to ten. I've made life long friends and have gotten a better education since.
Certain teacher quiz and quiz and do not give students a chance to really grasp onto the material. Other teachers stay after school and do study sessions and really help out with any areas you need additional help with. The lunch ladies are really kind and try their best to give out the lunch as fast as they can. The school is mostly clean even though the restrooms most of the times are trashed by students who have no respect whatsoever. Overall I've been taught well but as for getting ready for college, not as much.
I would love to see more programs come to the school. we have some great teachers but the students need more opportunities. our school awards athletes to much why cant our school award people for there academics. i never seen a person in the newspaper for grades all i see its sports everywhere. we need to show the students we care about work as much as sports.
I really like the Hendry County school district because the schools are small and although not all of the teachers are top notch. We have a couple of them who are absolutely the best. A good example of one is Mr.Ledford, he is an awesome teacher and genuinely cares about his students.
I would like to see changes in the dispersement of funding for each individual sport. There are only a limited amount of clubs one can take. Too much work is put on just one faculty member, specifically the guidance counselors.
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