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I enjoyed going to Henderson ISD because of the great friends you can make here, and because of all the excellent teachers we have. Here I have learned many things. The teachers are always concerned about their students education and how they are everyday. On the other hand, they could do better by giving healthier food.
The Henderson School District is overall a pretty good school system. Most of the teachers in Henderson are very nice, and are moderately good teachers. Their are also the occasional really good teachers who find a way to make a class interesting, but with that being said their are a few bad teachers who can’t control the very disrespectful students which does not allow the students who actually want to learn to have the environment they need to do so. The biggest problem is the coaching of sports because overall they don’t actually coach they just throw you to the wolves and see how you do. The coaches are nice people, but they are just not willing to work with people to make them better, as well as, if you know the right people you are automatically a starter over they people who bust their butts.
The classes are too small and there are not enough classes offered in the fields I would like to take. The only foreign language is Spanish. I wish I would have had the opportunity to take more upper level classes that would have benefited me. I also wish dual credit would have been offered at no cost.
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Even though it’s the only district I have attended, Henderson High School has given me an educational experience like no other district I have heard of. Everyone from the principals to the teachers assistants are very involved to make sure every student has one on one experience.
Henderson High School has been a wonderful experience to me. The faculty is very understanding, and is always there whenever you need them. There is a variety of really good academics they offer to everyone. Teachers make sure they get you ready for college once you get to your junior and senior year. The school is also really big on sports. Teachers and other faculty members are not only understanding with athletes, but also as flexible as they can be with their schedules. The only thing I would change about Henderson High School is the dress code. The dress code they have is very strict, and especially to females. Besides the dress code, I would recommend anyone to attend Henderson High School mainly because of their excellent academics and college readiness.
I have had a wonderful experience while growing up in Henderson and going to school most of my life at HISD. Throughout my high school career all my teachers have not only prepared me for college but have taught me many life lessons.
Henderson ISD is not a bad school by any means, however there are areas where it could improve. Most teachers genuinely care about their students yet there are those who are simply here because it's their jobs, I believe if there were more caring teachers with more emphasis on preparations for college and life after high school my rating would be higher.
Henderson High School is your stereotypical high school. There are problems, but there also good things about it.
I liked that the counselors and office employees helped me get ready for college, I had no idea where to start before that. The activities were limited at the school, but the teachers were usually nice. I attended the district until I graduated, can't remember what I learned, but it wasn't a horrible experience.
Henderson Independent School District is an overall good school. However, there is very little diversity and every school building is outdated except the middle school which was redone this past year. The other buildings are at least 50 to 60 years old. There is not very much technology usage and there are very few challenging but supportive teachers. The school has a good atmosphere, is very safe, and has good parent involvement. What I would like to see from Henderson Independent School District in the future would be more college funding, better food and more budget allotted to minor sports such as tennis, soccer and track/cross-country.
I had a very good experience with Henderson ISD. I was very involved in school activities. My teachers helped me a lot. Most of my teachers were knowledgeable and supportive.
To be able to succeed you have to know someone that knows someone else, it's the only way you're able to get through this district.
Attending school in the Henderson ISD has been a rewarding experience. I have enjoyed playing sports all four years and being involved in the ag program. Most of the teachers have been exceptional at helping me in my courses. My parents both attending Henderson ISD as well as my siblings and we all think that the time spend in Henderson schools was time well spent.
I like that Henderson Independent School District cares about their students. However, I would spend less funds on football, and more on programs like the FFA chapter, or student organizations.
Henderson is great place to go to school. The town is know for its sports, with the biggest being football for the rivalries that there is. The town is also a great place to go to school, as there is a dual-credit program that allows students to get a leg up on other stusdents.
Henderson High School overall is a good school to attend, They are dedicated to education but mostly focus on test scores to help with their funding. I wish they would focus on the individual student and not just test scores only. For the most part the teachers are great and care about the students.
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