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I liked the people all around this county, I would like there to be more money involvment into the sports system.
I attended Henderson County schools ever since kindergarten and for the most part I loved it. The teachers are very very kind they help every student along the way. It's not all about how good are you in math in henderson county its more personal it's a small community the teachers know your family or your older siblings. It is really amazing what we have in the small county even when i was in middle school the high school was connected and i looked up and when ever i saw the high school games or the high school kids i just looked up to them. Even in athletics every monday and wednesday you have soccer, friday nights football we all join together to support our athletes ands its really nice for me being one too. Some of the things i would of change is more reliable time cause as a student your grinding every day we should throw more pep rallies /assembles in my opinion .
I enjoyed my time at Henderson County Schools. The Teachers at West Henderson were great. The different clubs and sports team were supportive of one another and the whole student body was great. My time in high school was a great experience filled with teachers that care and coaches that pushed you to be the best. I did all of the CTE classes along with the certification for Microsoft word, powerpoint and excel. The opportunities West Henderson Gave me helped me in College and the real world.
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I like the traditions of Henderson County Schools, and the diversity they embrace. But also most of the buildings are old, and need updating.
I currently attend Hendersonville High School and I am extremely proud to represent this esteemed school. All of the teachers and administration are infinitely helpful with any little thing you may need. I've been in the school system since second grade, and it has definitely pushed me to succeed. All of the schools have a certain connection to each other and the only sense of competition is sports. I might change how the county decides to spend its money on the school system. we are currently in the process of working on a new school, which isn't completely necessary. That's money that can go back to the students and staff in other, more necessary, ways.
There are some good teachers, whoever there are some who know what they are talking about, but aren’t good at teaching it. I wish there were better/more arts programs.
When it comes to Henderson County schools, I would describe them as, well-maintained, high-achiving, and extremely diverse. I love almost all of the teachers! All of the teachers are extremely well educated, and very motivated to seeing the success and prosperity of their students! The only thing that I would change about this unique school system, is the amount of "life" education. It would be nice to learn how to fill out a check, balance a check book, apply for scholarships, buy a house, get a job, or fill out an important application. Otherwise, the Henderson County school system is extremely well organized, and extremely successful in all aspects of school (sociality, academics, athletics, etc...).
the schools are very different, each school has its own goals and sets its standards. hendersonville high school makes everyone feel welcome like youre at home. its really an amazing school and i think many people would like t6he enviornment. its a very traditional school and its amazing.
These schools hold a strong sense of tradition, yet the student population still seems to be very accepting of newcomers. The faculty is, for the most part, fiercely dedicated to their students and schools, and to education itself. Having moved in the middle of high school, I did not expect to receive such a warm welcome, and I greatly appreciated the way students and teachers treated me, and the education I received in my time there.
Henderson County High School offers a variety of Advanced Placement courses, which is not a commodity in my state of Kentucky. Most schools offering these challenging courses are either private and expensive or in a large city hours from rural areas. The middle schools in the county itself provide with many various opportunities to gain high school credit. These opportunities include getting a year of foreign language completed before high school, getting up to 2 years ahead in math, and taking a year's worth of a class over the summer in order to get it out of the way. This allows for students to take more AP classes in high school in order to weight their GPAs and better prepare for college. Henderson as a whole does an exemplary job of preparing students. Elementary schools prepare the students for middle school, the middle schools prepare the students for high school, and the high school prepares students to be college and or career ready.
The academics are okay, but unless you are in any of the sports none of the administrators particularly care. The arts programs practically get no money.
I graduated from Hendersonville High School this past year and went through the Henderson County Public Schools system for all of my education. At all points I felt my education was subpar as the facilities, staff, and academics were at best average.
They're lovely and take their time with students to make sure they can receive the best education! All the teachers are loving and have always made the students feel comfortable with coming to them about anything! They have the best guidance counselors ever, they help each student rather its a problem in school or out of school!
I moved here in the middle of the year, but this district made it an easy transition for me! They welcomed me into the Bearcat family and I've never felt so "at home" in a school.
The Henderson County Public School system is fantastic. I grew up with it and went to elementary, middle and high school in this school system. I wouldn't have it any other way. I feel as if I have learned everything I need to successfully get through college and start my career.
Love Henderson County Public Schools, especially the Glenn Marlow/Rugby/West district. There's nothing to change about this district.
They are a great schooling program with great teachers, outstanding classes and great sports program as well. I loved attending school here.
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My daughter was going to a charter middle school and we moved into the district for Hendersonville High School. I am very, very please with how she has blossomed while at the school. I would recommend this school to anyone.
Going to Hendersonville High was a good experience, the thing I really appreciated most was the how college ready I felt. I was scared going into my freshman year or college, not knowing what to expect. Hendersonville High not only prepared for for the college work load but taught me I can accomplish anything if I apply myself & believe I can. The staff were motivating, and cared about me as an individual and a student succeeding. I will forever be thankful for my experience at Hendersonville High and the preparation and confidence, as well as time and inspiration they gave me to be successful.
My experience in the Henderson County Public School system has been an overall good one. I feel that I am more than prepared for college and that I have received an excellent education. The teachers are phenomenal and genuinely care about the success of their students. The safety on campus is excellent. There could be more clubs catering to the diverse interests of students, and sports programs should be available to the Early College schools. However, the schools excel academically. The HCPS system is definitely one to consider for your child.
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