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It's terrible because if Henderson county high school does not know how to handle children with disability and the teachers allow bullying as well Casey Farmer wolf takes over your child's as if she is the parent and doctor of your kid. This school needs a full investigation of children with behavior disability's. Casey Farmer wolf does all this behind the parents back and needs to be fired. Investigated her asap. They don't let kids with disability do any activity like fishing. Bring kids self esteem down and causes parents to pull kids out of school. Casey you don't own our kids nor the school I pay you. School taxes I pay it so back off.
Henderson County High School was a new experience for me. I started at Henderson county half way through my senior year. I moved states and started at a new school with no friends. Transferring was quite a change but everyone was very welcoming and made me feel very involved and accepted. Even though moving was very stressful the staff and students welcomed me and made me feel at home. I appreciated everything all the students and staff did for me and the encouragement and support that everyone granted me. Even though I was only at the school for a semester I feel as if I was integrated into the school and was apart of the school.
the learning environment was great and had some great teachers, however one thing the school can improve on is providing mental health help to students and someone to talk to.
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I would like to see the transition period between classes change. Maybe considering another high school in the area, because there are too many students in that school. Or make something like 2 wings or add to the school for more space. Also the security is not great.
I would also like tot see a difference in the coaching staffs. There are many students that will not go out for sports because the coaches are too involved with parents and politics, not giving everyone the same opportunity.
Teachers like to connect with students. All staff really wants to be friends of the student body. Not only worried about success in education but success in life.
It was alright. Too big of a school. The main focus of the school was mainly football , baseball, and basketball. They need to focus more on smaller sports like swim or wrestling. I am currently a swimmer on the team, and it seems like they show little effort in the sport, and we don't have our own facility.
The teachers are nice and friendly, the schools are clean. students learn very well. there are many ways for students to learn. the programs they offer to students are very good programs.
I have attended Henderson County Schools since I was able. Every school I have attended has shown how much they care for students in many aspects.
I think that the HCPS system needs to be more about the students and helping them learn and less about achieving a certain test score.
Henderson County Public school system has allowed me to grow as an individual and really experiment with the classes I take in order to know what career path I want to take.
I like how we have so many different careers paths, but I think we should learn more not just stuff for the ACT and other tests. I do not like their food. It hurts my stomach when I eat it, but it is free. The teachers at the school are not the best. They are rude. I mean some of the teachers are nice, but there will always be mean teachers. The school should worry a littke more about saftey. They have talked to us about it, but we haven't practiced a lot like we should.
While I have been offered numerous opportunies to take AP courses, as I have taken 18 in my high school career. While some teachers are definitely not the greatest, the amazing teachers they have truly make up for that gap. These amazing teachers have allowed me to reach my act score of a 35.
Henderson County schools are great for preparing for college however there are cliques between teachers. Dual credit and AP courses are widely available and a great help.
My experience with Henderson County Public Schools was very successful. All the teachers that I have had have always been encouraging of me. Henderson County is a supportive county and that also shows in the schools here.
I really enjoyed going here. I have learned a lot of things mentally and personally. This includes meeting friends, and more knowledge to get me further in life towards my dream job. I have also felt accepted and happy for who I am there. Teachers always know how to help and are patient. I also enjoy the academics that are offered.
I loved the diversity and how every student was uniquly excepted. The time in between classes needs to longer due to how large the school is.
they are so closed minded here. any kind of change is thrown away and deemed unacceptable. I've been going here since preschool and literally nothing has changed. well actually the middle schools got uniforms and everybody is miserable there now. the high school is way too big. theres at least 4,000 kids there because we only have one high school in the district which is so dumb. we were in debt four years ago so they fired a bunch of teachers that were vital to the school. I honesty don't think they care about how they treat the students. they don't seem to care that kids are bullied and want to kill themselves. also our director of the school board, Margana Stanley, is a lizard person.
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As a senior student at Henderson County Highschool, I have been through three of the school's facilities for a number of years, and have family members that work in this public school district. I feel that my experience has been truly average. No public school will ever be perfect, and that is not our district or the facility's fault, but in our government authority even past the state. However, I do believe that Henderson values and nurtures students more than most public schools would. The faculty is wonderful, from the schools I have been enrolled in especially. They help students grow, and truly do what they can to ensure that pupil will lead a successful life. The student body, especially currently at the High School, is quite large, and our facilities struggle to accommodate this often times. In the future, I hope to see our facilities here reconstructed, or at least slightly renovated in a way that benefits our mass population of students.
it's a big school system that takes more pride in athletic achievement than academic ones. the schools has opportunities but not a lot and the schools spends a lot of time with sports over academia that hurts the school.
I enjoyed the atmosphere at football and basketball games, along with a few kind staff. However, Henderson county schools seem to be understaffed, unorganized, and corrupt. The teachers would daily express their disdain for the school system. The popular and rich students that attended the schools would receive special treatment and wouldn't get into nearly as much trouble as someone else who committed the same offense. Many teachers would also show favoritism for the popular/rich students. Also, on many occasions the school food would come with hairs in them, or be cold when meant to be cooked, etc. In addition, the dress code at Henderson county high school was extremely outdated and conservative. For example, girls aren't allowed to wear shirts with sleeves that don't come down past the shoulder and allowed to wear leggings. However, male students have little rules when it comes to dress code. Henderson county public school system needs to get its priorities in order!
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