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Hempstead Union Free School District Reviews

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I am a graduated senior from Hempstead High School and the school has good teachers that encourage students to keep growing in education. “Having a college degree is really important in life than just a high school degree” said by one of my favorite teachers. It’s just the safety, that needs to more involved. Security guards are there to help students and break apart the fights, not just stand there. Also I would want the administrators to change because when I was there, the principle didn’t really do much. In the other hand, clubs activities and sports was really involved. Every week there was either a movie night, a drama act or any activity that students were apart of. Also practice for sports were everyday. As a result, my high school experience was a beautiful journey. I learned a lot from the school itself and from my peers and teachers.
My experience at Hempstead High School was an "okay" experience. I would like to see more of the students voices heard and change their reputation from "bad" to "good". Do not get me wrong, this school has outstanding kids who are smart and want to be something in life. I hope to see more students like that in the future. The administrators need to be more active, not in discipline but in understanding the kids and give them a chance to express themselves. Instead, do things in benefits of kids and not push them away with a bunch of nonsense that doesn't make sense to anyone.
I been in the Hempstead School district since 6th grade and spent some of my elementary school time here as well. As years go on the School district is becoming less safe and School Friendly.
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This school district has little to no funding and is deteriorating by the week.
From low safety to a lack of resources. I spent my four years here motivated to leave as soon as possible.
Well for one, I really don't like the Hempstead School District, especially the high school. Its pretty big, and easy to move about in, but usually the school/staff are disorganized. From the bathrooms always being dirty(even though janitors clean after school), to the fights and trash on the floors, it is an "ok" school. The environment lacks diversity but for the most part, its "ok." Shoutout to Mr. Donald Jackson
Hempstead High has been, you could say, a unique expirience so far as a sophmore. In the facility, there is a large variety of staff members that do really care for the well being of their students' intellectuals. The academics can definetly be challenging but only if you make it so by applying to AP courses and or honors classes. The resources that are neccessary towards one's success are available but only a smaller percentage of students actually take advantage of these.
Hempstead School District has very good schools , however there is a lot more that the school administrators can do for the students that end the school. The after school programs could use some more resources and also the activities they need more activities just to keep each student involved with school programs. Overall the teachers are amazing and very helpful.
Hempstead high school has always been underestimated. People from other towns think that the students from Hempstead high school won't go far in life due to the "bad reputation" the town of Hempstead has. But honestly, the outsiders are wrong. Some students at Hempstead high school manage to over come all obstacles at Hempstead high school and go to great schools like Harvard , Princeton , Colombia university , Yale and so on. This school has taught me how to work hard for what i want in life especially when people have doubt in you.
My experience at school wasn't the best but I did get the education I needed to continue learning and experiencing life's challenges.
People aren't open minded about places. To be able to achieve what you want you must not let any negativity affect you. people have heard of this district yeah some things are bad but things could be worse. it not the location it is sometimes the people.
There are teacher can teach very well , and want to make sure you pass their class.They also have many programs for people who have to retake class or review classes. They called it night school or tiger academy. The school also has many ap courses for advanced students. There are many scholarships in the school in a office called the career center.
I honestly enjoyed playing football at Hempstead High School and i enjoy learning in this classrooms, but I honestly would like for the administrators to have more activities for the students and also have more library time instead of logging in the library every new period.
Having coming from a private school and transition into a public school system was not an easy task, but with the constant questions that I asked my teachers, I later realized that I was going to purse classes that would challenge my capability in college.
I like that the new principal is changing a lot of things and for the better and students are following more rules than they used to before.
During the ninth grade I was exposed to many things. Community service was mandatory in my English class. I also became involved with the NAACP ACT-SO competition. I was rewarded with a scholar reward by TD Bank. Junior year was easier because of the blocked schedules. By time June came I had all my regents and 20 credits. Also I do not like the inconsistency. During my senior year they have expanded the college and career center. Although I do not like that it isn't just for juniors and seniors. It is very helpful. Such as having different principals during my first two years and also the fact that my guidance counselor was changed my senior year.
During the years of my parents (70-80s) Hempstead was once one of the best schools on Long Island, currently, it's one of the worst schools in NY state. People from the outside only see Hempstead High as a ghetto school with no redemption, but I see something different. I see a school that is capable to return to its former glory. We have students who attend the best schools in the country, who go on to do great work. I love my time spent at Hempstead High and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.
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