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Hemphill Independent School District Reviews

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Hemphill ISD is a great school, but there are many problems within. The school does not provide electives and does not give the students many chances to succeed. I would like to see a change of: more teachers, equality in girls and boys athletics, and a better opportunity to succeed.
I really loved how there is the chance to enroll in college classes and be able to earn a college credit and a high school credit it allows for students to be more aware of and have a chance to get to there career of choice faster by taking those classes teachers are very great and helpful in everything that students are involved in. I would like to see a change in the school food because it is not what students would want to eat after being envolved and stressed of there early day classes I believe that they should have better food to fuel students with so that they can be prepared for their later on classes. Overall I think that Hemphill High School is a great School to attend because it is a small school and everyone just gets to know a little about everyone.
I often enjoy school at Hemphill, even though some of the rules i find ridiculous. The academics are wonderful and the people are kind.
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This is a very nice school district with a nice administration. The staff is excellent and works hard to help the students.
At Hemphill Independent School District, I found that while the teachers were passionate about it's students, there were simply not enough outlets for students. There were no clubs or organizations to help students feel "plugged in" or involved. Among the students at HISD, there is a good bit of bullying but for the most part, students stick together and are relative to a big family. The cafeteria food was mediocre at best but the lunch ladies were always very sweet. Overall, I believe that if the parents were more involved with the school then most of these issues would not be here.
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