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My overall experience at hempfield in the past 4 years was great. Specially, the academics at this school are challenging and push you towards college readiness.
I think Hempfield High School is a very good school. When I graduate, I will have attended four years here, and I believe that it is extremely safe, the students and staff are polite, and everyone is focused on school while having fun. I think the Math and Science departments do a very good job and the History and English departments also do well. From what I have heard, the technical education classes are enjoyable too.
I really enjoyed going to Hempfield Highschool! The teachers there are great at what they do. They want to see their students to succeed and are willing to help them do so. There is something for everyone at this school like arts, music, sports. It is really just a good, fun, awesome environment.
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Teachers and administration are awful with special needs students. They care more about content than kids.
I enjoy that Hempfield high school has a plethora of clubs and activities that anyone can participate in. I think that the school has excellent counselors which work the absolute hardest out of all the staff to make our experience comfortable and enjoyable. I think that the administration tends to have somewhat of a dated mindset on certain matters, there is definitely room for improvement there.
Hempfield High School provided me with a great 4 years of education. The school offers endless amounts of extracurricular activities and does a phenomenal job of preparing its students for life after high school
I really enjoyed high school at hempfield, I learned a lot about myself and what I wanted to do after I graduate. My experience there was filled with laughter, fun, and of course the typical drama. I will in some ways miss Hempfield High School, but I am also so excited to start a new chapter at Millersville University next fall!!
Hempfield school district gave me access to classes that fit my interests including engineering, music, and art. Thanks to hempfield school district I found my calling on what I want to do in my future and thanks to the district I have access to my desired future.
It had many different classes and extracurricular activities. There are many different academic departments and each department had even more class options. Most of the teachers are very nice and will go out of their way to help a student in need. They operate on a block schedule which offers more availability for students to take many elective classes as well as the required courses.
It’s an amazing school. There are great teachers, great staff, and great students. The school vigorously tries to get students involved in different clubs, activities, and sports. The environment and atmosphere of the school is amazing, many students supporting others in what they do.
It was a safe school to go to. I never had to worry about anyone coming and shooting the school up. I also played a multiple number of sports, all with very good coaches. One thing I would like to change is the cost of tuition.
Hempfield School District gave me the skills and readiness to truly go out into the world and know what I am doing. I learned all the proper school subjects and left with a great basis of knowledge. From Hempfield I knew what colleges was best for me and what paths I should take.
There are great teachers and it is a high quality education. The classes push you to learn and become a smarter student as a result.
Varying levels of courses is good. Would like to receive better help with the whole college process (applying, scholarships, recruitment, etc.)
I believe Hempfield has a wonderful variety of course choices for students to find what they love to do now instead of when they are stuck in the middle of completing an expensive college degree. The rigor of the classes is appropriate for the various levels of difficulty, which make sure students are being challenged, but not overwhelmed. Socially, it is a relatively diverse school with clubs for many interests. Hempfield’s athletics are definitely competitive, and I have heard of great team building atmospheres from other students talking about their coaches. Hempfield has a very strong music and Dance Theater program, along with a plethora of art, music and music theory classes.
It's a good school with good resources, great sports programs. Good for college prep. The food is pretty average. The people are nice and so are the teachers
I never had a problem with the school. People always complain about it but honestly we could have a worse school. Some teachers aren't that good though
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Hempfield has excellent, dedicated teachers and strong academic programs that prepare students for the rigor and expectations of college and the work force. Both the music and sports programs are top-of-the-line, although the clubs are somewhat lacking. My main complaint about Hempfield would be that the school spirit among students is weak.
The curriculum prepared all the students very well for college and I felt like I was more advanced in certain areas compared to my peers in college. Specifically in the English Department. I felt very prepared when writing research papers and being able to cite the different sources that we had to use.
As a current senior at Hempfield High School, I am overall very pleased with the experiences and preparation needed for college. The courses I am currently taking are challenging me to prepare me for college. Courses such as AP Calculus and AP Physics are courses I plan To take the AP exam on in hopes of obtaining college credit. I’m also a music student and with Hempfield’s stellar music program, I found it easy to succeed in the programs such as winning a championship in marching band and participating in county band. Some things that could change are equal opportunities for music students to take more courses and double up courses without interference with our music classes. Knowing that band and orchestra are first period year round, it has limited my ability to have a flexible schedule and to take more classes of electives.
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