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Over all I enjoyed my time here at Hempfield Area High school, but at the same time I am happy to soon be moving on to the next level. Hempfield High supplies a good equation and a lot of memories along your road to graduation.
Good teachers and class offerings. Buildings are old especially the high school. Not great athletic programs for coming in with limited experience. It's a large district and often student's and teacher's opinions get brushed under the rug.
Hempfield Area Senior High School is not a bad school. The teachers are the best asset as they are friendly and have a positive attitude. There are few teachers that will not help students and take time out of their day to do so. The down side to the school is the building itself. It has many problems, specifically with mold, leaks, and heating. But, it is in good enough shape to function.
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Hempfield is a overall a pretty good school. They have all lot of classes that help you prepare for college. The down fall with Hempfield is that the high school really needs a remodel the ceilings leak slime out of the ceiling and they just use trash cans to catch it. Most of the teachers at Hempfield are super helpful and will help you and work with you if you need something. There is lots of class options because it is such a large school.You do meet a lot of new friends at school because there is so many students.
Hempfield is composed of a great staff, and I believe I received a good education here... However, the high school administration recently employed a new ten period schedule which I find overwhelming as an honors student. I have too many classes to manage and often spend hours upon hours doing homework.
My experience with Hempfield Area High School is not necessarily a great one from the standpoint of a great learning environment. The bathrooms are below par, the hallway ceilings leak some type of fluid at times and the water fountains are not a place I would get water to drink. I have played a sport while at Hempfield and have enjoyed every second with the coaches and my teammates. I do not feel the guidance counselors were there to guide us with assistance when it came to thinking about college. My own counselor was there for me when I had questions, but I feel they are too busy handling other "problems" with students. I have, thru my 4 years of attending, been influenced by some really great teachers that in my opinion helped me outweigh all the negative of the school. I am more than ready to leave Hempfield behind and move on to the real world.
No such thing as a school/life balance here. Im really just waiting to graduate at this point. I can confirm that High School is not the best years of your life.
I would like to see the teachers change in the chemistry department due to them favoring one sex over the other. Also the food was reported on Buzzfeed for being classified as a joke. There is little to no diversity in my four years of being in this high school.
I enjoyed my time at Hempfield. Some of the teacher gave me trouble, but other then a handful of teachers my time there was enjoyable. I was in the band and it was like a second family, that’s what most people say a about their sports teams or clubs.
Overall a good school. They offer many AP classes and "dual enrollment" classes to help get a head start for college. They have a great honors program for advanced students. There are some amazing teachers but there are a lot who don’t care about their students too. Good athletics and facilities.
The high school is in dire need of a renovation. Dirty water leaks from the ceilings and down the walls of the hallways. The air conditioning and heating does not work properly.
Hempfield Area offered many opportunities to meet and interact with others despite its ridiculously large population. Some of the staff is incredibly knowledgeable, helpfully and genuinely care for their students both academically and personally. However, there are staff members who disregard their students and only show up to make a paycheck. A lot of the facilities are not as well kept as they should be. Administration also has a huge budgeting issue. Instead of spending money where it is needed, they decide it's best used on things such as thousands of dollars on a score board that they are unable to use. Overall my experience was pretty average with few exceptions.
I attended hempfield area high school for my entire high school career. The teachers were very helpful and eager to teach. They were always happy to give extra help when it was needed.
A lot of the teachers (honors track teachers) are very helpful and invested in their students' educations. The school itself, however, is kind of gross. The roof leaks and the bathrooms smell, but the school plans to renovate or re-build within the next 5-10 years.
I think they need to have more core class related electives. The academic courses could also be a bit more rigorous, but the teachers and staff do a pretty good job.
Hempfield Area High School has taught me how to become an independent young adult and how to treat everyone with respect. There is no tolerance of bullying here and it is very diverse. The staff is very friendly and understanding as well.
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Loved the marching band and the community it created. Met a lot of my friends though the organization. Was able to travel and see a lot of new places and perform with the band. Learned a lot of great leadership skills
The thing I liked most about hempfield area is that they had caring teachers. Who wanted to help out the student and was just not there for a paycheck
As someone who is studying to become a secondary education teacher, Hempfield Area School District is my #1 pick. I attended this district and I have found myself gravitating towards it ever since. The teachers are fantastic and it has a lot to offer! Plenty of enrichment activities, sports, and clubs were made available to me. For example, German and Japanese were both languages offered to me in the high school; most other local schools did not have these languages available to be taken for credit. I think it's a great school.
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