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Hemlock Public School District Reviews

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The sports program is great and very well funded as well as the robotics team. Arts are also very dedicated to the school with a great art teacher and a love of the arts night.
Hemlock Public School District provides its students with great resources for learning, includes the students' parents in extracurricular activities, and help the students prepare for college.
Hemlock is an amazing school district to have grown up in and be apart of. I have never had a teacher who hasn’t offered me some type of valuable lesson that I will take with me in my future. They’re are almost always very personal and make me feel like they truly care about my education. Along with the teachers, even the student body is great. I’ve never experienced nor seen any bullying throughout my years. There’s always exciting school and community events, teams, and clubs that are a joy to be apart of. I’ve feel that I have achieved a great education at Hemlock, along with having fun at the same time.
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Don’t know any different than here, but it’s average I guess. I’ve a few pet peeves, but that’s every school. It’s ok if you live around here though.
During my time there I had no idea how much they were actually preparing me for college. Now college is a breeze for me thanks to the great foundations and start I had at Hemlock.
Overall School experience was good, plenty of helpful teachers and tons of sports and activities to participate in.
What I enjoyed about Hemlock is the people. It is a small community in which the classes turn out to be small, you are given a Google Chromebook to help with your homework. The teachers are willing to help you learn and to become a better student, the teachers here give you the utmost respect. What I would like to see changed would be the lunch many people don't get lunch here because most of the food doesn't look good, so many people don't eat lunch, or they bring there own lunch. Most of the students are friendly and most are very determined to succeed in life outside of High School.
Although Hemlock is a challenging as a successful school, I would prefer the school to use less technology. Students like myself have forgotten how to spell without spell check. However, my experience at Hemlock was successful. I have a great connection with multiple teachers and they are willing to help you before and after school.
Hemlock High School has helped me socially and mentally. I never knew what I wanted to major in and I’m very happy I have attended this school since preschool. I have got lots of help with schoolwork and the staff/faculty are a huge help
I liked the community feel of the school. It’s a smaller school district, so it is a very tight knit environment. The staff is always there to help and support the students. While community is a huge part at Hemlock High School, technology is, as well. Every classroom is updated with smart boards, and each student is admistered their own chromebook. I’m addition to technology, Hemlock High School offers advanced courses and dual-enrollment options to take your education to the next level. Overall, I would recommend Hemlock High School.
Hemlock school district can really offer one on one time with students, and provides many close friendships, the environment is so open that it allows for all kinds of child growth.
Hemlock is a small community where everyone helps each other achieve their goals. Even though it is a small community the school district offers many opportunities in athletics, academics, and college readiness.
Hemlock Public Schools is best know for its staff and sports. The teachers are great to work with and make students feel more comfortable and less stressed. Sporting events are the highlight of the week when you are a student. The atmosphere that this school provides is astonishing. One thing that I'd like to see change is the lunches and fair treatment for all students. Teachers do play favorites quite often and I'd like to see that stop. I didn't experience this first hand but I did witness it happening to others. All around Hemlock is a great school, but it does have its flaws as any other district would.
Overall Hemlock was a great school, they take too much price with their sports and don't pay much attention to other students. As long as that the students are friendly to everyone
I liked how small it was so everyone knew everyone and it kind of seemed like a family. I didn't like how some of the higher ups treated the teachers. I am aware that they took some of the teachers pay and planned on giving it back, but never did.
I feel like Hemlock High School put myself in the position to be prepared for college with the help of the Hemlock Early Middle College Program including the great teachers and staff.
Everything about Hemlock is great, I would have to say my favorite part would be the small community feel. Everyone knows everyone and with small classes it is leads to a strong connection with your teachers that always are ready to help you better understand.
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I liked how small the school was it allowed for plenty of opportunities for private sessionsector with the teacher. The staff were all friendly and we're ready and ablend to help. Since I have left many of the more motivated and caring staff members have left or been let go. I like that this school district offers early middle college, it's a great program for students who want tone get a head start in their career.
I like the smaller school, the teachers know all of students. I would like to see more electives offered.
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