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Hemingford Public Schools Reviews

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I have gone to Hemingford Public Schools since I was seven years old and am still attending. This has been a great school and a loving community. The school and community is very supportive and also gives great opportunities for students to be active in any activity they want to.
Hemingford is a great school system for all people. Bullying rarely happens and everyone always has help. I would like the school to allow us to have bags in class.
Hemingford Public Schools offers a wide variety of academics and activities in a rural community to set students up for a road to success. The teachers and faculty are inspiring to work with and teach new updated methods that will expand your knowledge far beyond most schools. Activities are well lead by some of the best coaches and advisors in the area that help each child reach their potential in their activity.
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I have attended this school for over 13 years now, and I believe this is an amazing school. The teachers care about you. I had a small enough class to know my class mates on a personal level. At times this could be bad thing because nobody has secrets in this town but they are always here for you.
I have a pretty good experience here at Hemingford High School. It's nice to have such close relationships to the teachers and students. The food isn't all that great but their are options for off campus dining.
Everyday I walk into school with a smile on my face, because I know it's a great school, with amazing teachers that will do anything in there power to make you succeed.
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