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The Hemet Unified School District is a small school district, however this school district is a district that has the companionship bigger than any other district. What I enjoy most about this school district is that they really care about the students and sports programs all together, with paying for students to take free SAT's and free lunches to allowing the baseball team to take charter buses to CIF games; they can do it all. On the other hand, the fields that I see that need improvements is that there are an extreme low amount of cafeteria workers, thus slowing down all lunch lines and not causing many students to eat their lunch. Another problem that I see in this school district is that the district does not do a very well job on keeping maintenance on the field, with having lots of holes and dead grass areas. All together, I really enjoyed being a part of this school district throughout my twelve years of school.
I have been enrolled in the Hemet Unified School District for nine years. Overall, I have had a great experience with the teachers, faculty, and student life. I was enrolled in Jacob Weins Elementary School, Rancho Viejo Middle School, Dartmouth Middle school, and now Hemet High School, from which I am graduating from.
Hemet unified school district is excellent iv'e been the district for many years and haven't had a problem with them. Their excellent with their job and with their communication with all hemet school's. From Ramona elementary, Dartmouth middle school, and to hemet high school iv'e had a positive experience with the school's and district. The teachers are amazing they are caring to me and every student in class. I feel welcome to every school by the teachers and staff. Are sports are excellent with different option to soccer to water polo so many sports to choose from. Our school activities and clubs are also wonderful with so many options to choose from. Hemet unified school district is a over all amazing district.
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I loved being apart of the Hemet Unified School district but I will say that the responsibility and respect that adults gives to the students need to change. The adults acts like their enitiled and better than the students and that really comes across as ignorant sometimes. Besides that, the schools, kids, and administrators are the best!
The Hemet Unified Schoo District in interesting. If not simply because of its amount of students that are in it. With three large high schools each somewhere around 3000 students, there is simply too many kids in the district. The best school academic wise is the Western Center Academy, but the school is too small to actually impact much.
They are the type of district to make all types of rules just from one upset parent phone call... also are kind of rude and arent at all helpful or understanding.. they seem to care more about the money then the kids. They can do much better with how to spend the money on schools
So far no problems with the school system besides common core. Other than that, things were not difficult to do for requirements.
My experience through the Hemet Unified School District has overall been very beneficial to my education. Since attending I feel I've greatly improved in many different tasks including Science, English, and Math. Another great benefit is the varieties to choose from in classes opposed to several other schools I've attended, plus the teachers are patient and ensure understanding which has been very helpful and encouraging.
I first moved to Hemet October of my freshman year. I am now about to start my senior year at West Valley High and I have only had 1 problem with 1 teacher. However, that was resolved very quickly due to the administration’s emense amount of care for the students. Overall, my experience with West Valley has been very great.
In hemet unified school district they have very good school. The school I attend is Western Center Academy which is 3rd best in California I believe.
There are many teachers there that help the students have a good experience throughout their high school years and the administration has a fairly good reputation of getting things done and accomplished to make their students have a prosperous and healthy education.
My experience at West Valley High School is that it is a good school. West Valley High School offers a good AVID class to help you get started for college. Although some teachers lack attention for students, sometimes they will give you help after school. I hope that the rules at WVHS will be more strict so that there are fewer fights and bullying.
what i like is that it does provide money for the students to go on field trips to colleges, movie theaters and many other places
There needs to be a change in administrators. Hamilton High is one school where it is very prominent that there needs to be change. Academics are decent but could also be better. The sports are horrible and the coaches are as inexperienced as it comes. There is no dedication to the athletes.
Hemet Unified School district cares deeply about their students and the students education. One thing I would like to see is the staff and administration treat the students with more respect, since they are a representation of the school.
I was at a charter school in the district. This I was able to avoid a lot of the bad seen at typical public schools. WCA was amazing with great teachers and fast pase, but it is still a fairly new school and no district lunches or busses.
Great school and great campus. The staff is real helpfull and kind the councelors have great tips for all students and the class is run very well by the teachers and they even have special classes to get you ready for the college and the real world. All the sports are great and the offer more sports than any other high school and offer some that np other school offers. It's a great schooland hope to see you check it out
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I would like to see the high school get kids more involved in school, need to have more fun activities... kids get bored and get into trouble
I liked that the school district was very close and accessible to where I lived. I did not like the teachers, school, or the location. There could be very many improvements.
Hemet Unified School District is a great district, unlike many others, I have witnessed how much they care about the future of students here in Hemet. They offer a majority of programs that help students who are struggling in education and personal problems. Most of all, they have great teachers who inspire many students like me to work harder to achieve our goal in obtaining a high school diploma.
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