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Helena High School District Reviews

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My experience at Helena High has been hardly anything but positive. The teachers and students that inhabit our halls are unique and amazing people - and our school offers a wide variety of different interests that appeal to all different types of people. Helena High School makes sure that its students are well-educated, but more importantly, happy and healthy in their endeavors at their four years here.
I like the strong Science department, great administration and many clubs and opportunities for students. I also believe there is a strong Math and English Department.
The Helena High School district offers several AP classes for those striving to prepare for the future. The school is pretty old though
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It’s a decent high school and does what you need but it’s not the best. The don’t treat academic clubs like speech and debate as good as athletics which is sad.
Helena High School afforded me many opportunities including my biggest being our Band Competition Trip to Walt Disney World. We brought home a lot of Trophys. The academics helped me prepare for my Challenging College Courses that would await me. They also had an Indian Alliance program that allowed me to participate in different events from my little bit of Indian Heritage.
I have enjoyed my time in the school district. The teachers are very kind and have given me a great learning opportunity.
Helena is a very good school. All the teachers at every involving with each student in everything and the administration try to make everything as easy as possible with the students in mind
I liked the academic possiblilities offered, but this school has a very large bullying problem. I wish the administration would do more to help students and take concern in their mental health instead of just test scores.
I was a past student at Helena High and had some issues with teachers there. My freshman year was hard and many of these teachers didn’t care to look into what was going on. If this was looked into and someone helped me I believe my academics changed.
Transferring into Helena High School for my final year of high school was a bit overwhelming. I got lost quite a few times before I managed to memorize the layout of the labyrinth of a school. What I was most excited for was the availability of AP classes. The teachers and administration often go out of their way to make the students know that they are cared. Since the school is one of the few public high schools in the area it has substantial funding and thus a lot of equipment for the classes: books for literature, chemicals for chemistry, weights and circuits for physics, and even the technology for testing DNA presence in medical classes. Overall the school is exceptional in many different ways.
The counseling department was fantastic. My counselor helped me with anything I needed, and I couldn't have asked for anything better. Mr. Thennis is an amazing principal as well, and I'm proud to have called Helena High my school.
High school can be a difficult time for some students. In high school, many things change, good or bad. Personally, I didn't have the best experience. Freshman year, my father passed away, when I was 14. It was the hardest time of my life. Luckily, I felt loved by everyone at Helena High School. The teachers and peers were very supportive of me during that hard time of my life. In high school, I met some of my best friends who have been there for me since day one. Basically, Helena High School has taught me that I felt very welcome there. At times, I wish I did not have to graduate; I wish I could spend more time with the ones I love. I loved all of my teachers and I wouldn't trade them for anything.
Helena high school district is overall a good district. Students are given many opportunities and abilities to learn more and most of the time teachers make this possible in a fun way. The smaller schools were very nice to attend because they create a close nit group of students who are all friends. However, it's clear that sports are a main priority in the Helena school district.
Decent. Has great programs, and offers excellent education. Doesn't do a whole ton about bullying situations. But other than that a very decent school, that tries hard.
Many of my friends and others from my school had troubles with bullying, ridicule from teachers and staff, and suicide was a major problem too.
Helena High School was a great school with great teachers, the administration that worked in the office wasn't as nice. All in all I had a great experience.
I have gone to 3 schools in this district, Jefferson elementary, helena middle school, and Helena high school. They have all been great places to learn but could use a few upgrades like new books and desks.
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I have gone to school in the Helena School District for all of my post-secondary education. I went to Broadwater Elementary, Hawthorne Elementary, Jim Darcy Elementary, C.R. Anderson Middle School, and will be graduating from Capital High School in 2017. I believe our community of education administrators do a great job. Every school that I've attended, I've have teachers that are passionate about what they do, but truly strive to catapult their students' education. Almost every one of the teachers I've had would remember my name and something about me no matter how long ago I had them. I will forever appreciate the education I've received in this town. The only thing I may have noticed to be a set back is the gap in level of learning we have here compared to schools around the country. Programs such as Common Core can be helpful for our schools in the long run and help students be more college ready.
The overall academics of the Helena school district were amazing, it is a small community where teachers really help and understand students. There are many ways to join clubs, participate in sports, and to get involved in the community through education. As for my fellow peers, I wish to see students supporting one another. Bullying in all forms happens in all high schools, but for the Helena community I know that if the students stand together and voice their opinions, their voices will be heard in the small Helena community.
Overall Helena High School is a positive experience for the students who attend. The teaching is very good and you can truly feel safe while at school there.
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