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Hector school district is the most welcoming school district. All of the teachers and staff are so helpful and nice. All they want is to see every single child in the school reach and achieve their goals. Every teacher and staff member does everything in their power to help a child when they need it, and you can always talk to them. I am beyond blessed to have grown up in Hector and been able to attend Hector high school. Hector high school is the best school by far and I would never even consider going anywhere else.
The Hector School District is an amazing school. Safe, money friendly, and very educational are just some of the amazing aspects of this school.
Hector is a very small school. You will get to know everyone in your class. This could be a good thing and for some, this could be a bad thing. But for me, Hector is home. Its where friends become family, Friday nights are all about those football games, and we get to have better education since there is not a lot of people in your class.
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My experience at Hector High School has been pretty great. My teachers are very understanding and helpful but the food is not the best.
We are a small school, which I love! We recently had a change in administration and it has improved moral across campus with both the students and the teachers. Also, just added this year is the new menu for our cafeteria meals. We have many more choices, most are made fresh daily! 5 stars all the way!!!
Hector is a small school full of generally friendly students and high-quality teachers! This school is wonderful for those who want to go to a mediocre college and stay in the area their entire lives. However, I would not recommend this school to anyone who wants to go further, as few ever make it out of nearby Russellville at best. They are in dire need of teachers as the best ones are slowly retiring and the school typically does not replace them, choosing rather to pile their workload on the teachers left. For example, we have one very overworked teacher teaching geometry, algebra II, precalculus, and AP calculus, as well as providing tutoring for kids not even in his classes! There are multiple extracurricular activities to choose from, but athletics takes a higher priority than academics. As multiple other students have stated, the dress code can be a problem at times as the ones related to important people in the community can wear what they want and not get in trouble.
Great place to raise a family. Expect your typical small school drawbacks such as limited classes offered but I've built great relationships with my teachers.
Hector is a small town with an even smaller school. This is the town and school I have grown up in. Everyone knows everyone. Over the years, I have learned that it could be either a good or bad thing. Most students here do not take school or their education seriously. Those who do, will be very successful in their future, because these people take advantage of the college classes Hector provides for us. Most students and administrators are friendly and helpful. This is an overall good school but has some stuff to work on as well.
My experience with Hector School District is “bitter-sweet.” I have had my ups and downs here but for the most part its been one of the best experiences of my life. Its a very small school with just a little over 600 students total. I’ve been at this school all my life and will eventually graduate here. The teachers are amazing and you really develop a close relationship with them, along with the students. You become a big family and it makes for a warming experience.
It is a small school but if you need help in any way with academics the teachers are all willing to give you a helping hand. All of the staff are great people.
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