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I enjoyed the small familial feel of my school, but towards the end of my time at Heber High, funding for my school began to fall through. This caused teachers to defect to other schools just to earn a regular salary. Losing the strong base of good teachers hurt my education. The lack of money made it harder to bring in new teachers, so the teacher left were forced to take on many more classes than necessary making it harder to do their very best in their classes.
Before funding for my school dropped there were many large and expensive changes. The school's cafeteria was redone and a completely new performing arts center was built. Both of these renovations or building projects were necessary but highly costly. Soon after these renovations, the funding fell through causing the above issues.
The school has a strong band program and has fairly good academics. Some of the teachers seem to not have the students best interest in mind.
There was a serious lack of communication in the high school and constant change. In my four years of high school, I had two different principals and three different types of scheduling. There was a favoritism issue among the faculty and students. The school also had rats and could not afford to buy paper by the end of my senior year.
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The teachers are very supportive and keep me involved in my son’s education. Great school district. The community seems to rally around all three schools and supports students. Kids get the education they need.
Eh. It isnt all that great. Its boring mostly. People in the school don't know how to manage money, so they are in tons of debt and its not a good deal for anyone.
I liked that our teachers would give us some freedom in the classroom to lead more and not just sit and listen. It helped us learn from not only the teacher but also one another.
They seemed to care so much more about athletics than about academics. We would get out of school just for football games. I graduated two years ago, so things have probably changed since.
I would have to say that overall I did enjoy my experience at Heber Springs High School was a good one. I made many friends and the overall atmosphere of the school was good. I had some teachers I very much liked, some I didn't, and I also enjoyed the sports I played during my four years. I think that Heber Springs High School was a good high school to attend.
I went to Heber Springs School District when I was younger, and overall, I had a good experience. I had good education, great teachers, and there was better parental envolvement than is to be expected. Because Heber Springs is a small community, there is quite a tight-knit group of people, providing a good safety net to students and comfort for parents.
At Heber Springs High School, I have enjoyed how the teachers are caring and they want you to succeed. I would like to see the school grow more with their education instead of sports.
I moved to Heber Springs my freshmen year. I was quick to make friends and the teachers loved me. I played sports all 4 years and the sports were always very important. My education I feel like was not the best that I could have received however I am doing just fine in the college courses I am taking right now. All in all, my experience was very good.
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