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Heath did a great job of getting me ready for my future. One of the great opportunities was all of the college classes they offered and the option to go to a post secondary school in the area.
Most of the teachers don’t really care, they either make the class super easy or super hard. They don’t really help you prepare for college, the food sucks, and there’s no fun activities to do. Most people do sports, but our sports suck.
I liked how the teachers were personable while still being effective as a teacher. That helped me a lot during my four years.
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Teachers genuinely care about students learning. Small school, but many opportunities to get involved with the arts, or the community for those who are interested.
I am a member of multiple clubs and a member of a couple of the athletics here at Heath High. As one of the top students here I have had a good academic path.
Heath High School to me it's like your In a movie you have all the stereotypes such as the Jocks,goths,stoners,geeks it's just all too similar.What I liked about this school would be the dip & dots cotton candy flavor I get them everyday at lunch.What I like to see change here in this school would be the amount of clubs we have very few here.
Our senior year we had to take a class called College and Career Readiness. It taught us different ways to make studying easier, researching different colleges we wanted to apply to, what it's like to be in an interview situation, and better ways to take notes. We had a project that would put us in an interview situation. You had to pick a company that you wanted to work for, fill out a resume, and create a cover letter. Our teacher would pick random teachers or students from our school that would act like they worked for that company and would ask questions on the spot. It was hard because the company I chose was Kennedy Space Center in Brevard County, Florida. I had to research the company. I looked up what were they building recently, where they were at financial like their gross income, how much money they were getting from the government, etc. I'm glad we took this class bc all of the stuff we learned has helped me tremendously in college right now.
Heath City schools is an amazing school district. They really care about every individual student and work with them to make them the most successful they can be.
I love seeing the involvement of teachers with students, being caring and understanding. What could change it the food chooses, and more warm during winter and summer it gets too chilly as well.
My experience at Heath High School has been great, I would not want to be at any other school in our district. The teachers are kind, and welcoming to all students. As well as the community. We stick together in all situations and that is something I love about the Heath community.
Heath is a great place. I moved here my freshman year from Newark. I am a senior now and those 4 short year I have developed so many great relationships. I am grateful I moved here.
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